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Which Medical Services Does North Hills Urgent Care Clinic Provide?

The need for healthcare services may arise at any time especially if you are an older adult. Never mind, it could also be required by the younger ones at the time of illness and injury. Well, if the problem is not life-threatening then there is no need to visit an emergency room. One can prefer a conveniently located healthcare center to obtain the right treatment. North Hills urgent care clinic is a place where you can get a plethora of medical services. This is a walk-in medical facility for local people who want to treat acute and chronic illnesses. The clinic offers high-quality medical services along with facilities like lab testing, health check-ups, and vaccines. Let’s oversee the services it offers that you can obtain without any flaw.

1. Stitches for wounds and cuts

An instance of burns and cuts could put you under a lot of stress and pain. You might not be able to deal with such a situation on your own at home. However, it is actually not helpful to make such a decision in this regard. A cut on the skin will cause extreme bleeding that needs to be stopped first. Therefore, visiting your reliable urgent care clinic is a viable solution. You can get proper cleansing of the wound with antibiotics and get stitches immediately. This will stop the bleeding and prevent you from further infection.

2. Fevers and flu

The seasonal changes usually bring the risk of spreading flu among those who are having poor immunities. However, the flu is a virus that can affect anyone but people with low immunity are prime victims. Therefore, in such a medical emergency, you can visit the clinic to get a medical prescription and required care. You can get a diagnosis for fever, body ache, chills, and other symptoms immediately.

3. Sore throat and infection

Illnesses related to the throat are common among kids and adults. A sore throat could make it difficult for you to talk and swallow the food. This could be also the result of virus contamination that can be cured. The swollen throat glands can cause pain and difficulty in speaking as well. However, North Hills urgent care clinic offers the best treatment for strep throat. You can consult the physician to get medication and tips to follow at home. This would certainly help you in improving the health of the throat.

4. Preventive healthcare services

Getting preventive healthcare services would help you in the early detection and identification of diseases. You can talk about the symptoms that you are experiencing. This would help the physician at urgent care to recommend you for medical screening. With this, you can early detect the illness and can stop it to reach a risky stage. Early detection is the key to sustaining good health and faster cure. So, you can prevent yourself to lend to emergency care by availing effective treatment during the early phase of the disease. Problems like diabetes, high BP, and heart diseases are manageable with early detection.

5. Vaccinations

Getting vaccinated for viral infections can help you in preventing many diseases. You can have shots for influenza, measles, and coronavirus which is the current scenario of common illnesses. You can visit the clinic to get a vaccination from a healthcare expert. You can also get the service for annual health check-ups that helps in ensuring your optimum health.

To sum up

North Hills urgent care clinic has a team of board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and trained medical assistants. Thus, you are guaranteed to get the best care for treating illnesses and injuries. Moreover, you can get all the healthcare facilities such as on-site radiography, ECG, blood, and urine testing, etc. at affordable prices. You can also get immediate care as this is a walk-in healthcare clinic that operates 7 days a week.

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