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Why Buy Inkjet Printer for Home Use

Are you looking for a home printer that can meet the demands of a multi-generational household? Inkjet Printers can cater to the printing needs of everything from a work-from-home setup to an online education system. So whether you need to print work documents or your kids’ homework and school projects, inkjet printers are the way to go.

Wherever you are reading this article from, you most likely have a printer nearby – and there’s an excellent chance of it being an inkjet printer. Ever since their introduction in the latter half of the 1980s, inkjet printers have grown in popularity and dropped significantly in price. And as for the performance, it is a printer meant for a low-volume use of high-quality printing needs.

If that fits your requirements, read on further to explore the different types of inkjet printers and the various beneficial reasons of buying them.

Types of Inkjet Printers

An inkjet printer is essentially any printer that places extremely small droplets of ink to create an image, and then the print head moves back and forth as the paper feeds through a set of rollers. The complete image is built from many minuscule dots, like the pixels on a TV or phone screen. It can be connect via cables to a computer and even work wirelessly as long as the printer and the device are both on the same home network. Based on the varying functionalities of the inkjet printers, they can be divide into three types:

All-in-one or multifunction printers (MFP)

With its unique Print-Scan-Copy functionality, All-in-one Printers or Multifunction Printers are the most commonly owned inkjet printers. Depending on how much they cost, which actions they perform, and their sizes, there are tons of options for you to choose from.


  • Print-Scan-Copy functions together
  • Replaceable ink cartridges
  • Available in black and white or color

Photo inkjet printers

Photo inkjet printers stand out from regular inkjet printers based on the fact that they are both dye and pigment-based, allowing for higher-quality photo and graphic printing. It can work with different print sizes and are usually slightly more expensive than your typical inkjet option, given the different type of ink they use.


  • Used by photographers
  • Printing, scanning, and copying
  • Uses 6 to 12 different color ink cartridges

Single-function inkjet printers

Meant for your most basic printing functions, a single-function printer is simple to operate and a great addition to any home office setup where large need to be printed efficiently. They’re usually quite affordable, too, but they can use up a lot of ink depending on what you’re printing on a regular basis.


  • Black-and-white and color printing
  • Easy to use
  • Can print pictures depending on the model

Reasons to Buy Inkjet Printer

With excellent print clarity, accurate color reproduction, and an affordable initial purchase price, Inkjet printers have proven to be inexpensive and robust in production despite being relatively small and lightweight. Here are a few reasons anyone would benefit from owning an Inkjet Printer for home use.

Cost-effective Printing Solutions

It is undeniable that inkjet printers are on the cheaper end of the scale for robust printing solutions. Even the more comprehensive range of features is more affordable than the lower-grade laser printers. In addition, given the low-volume printing nature of an inkjet printer, the expected monthly expense of the paper and the ink cartridges that usually come with buying any printer diminishes as well.

High-quality Photo Printing

Inkjet printers are one of the best printers for any color-heavy printing as the ink in inkjet cartridges better resemble the true color of the photograph than the toner in a laser printer. Moreover, for higher accuracy, clarity and depth, the ink adheres to photo grade print to give a beautiful glossy finish on a photograph.

Low Volume Printing Requirement

When we are talking about home use, there is generally a lower demand for bulk printing and a higher demand for quality printing – which is precisely what Inkjet Printers brings to the table. Therefore, it is generally say that if your printing requirement is less than 300 pages a month, it’s best to opt for an inkjet printer.

Easy to Install – Easy to Use

One of the best benefits of having an inkjet printer is its easy installation and use, especially for non-tech savvy users. It comes in minimal packing with a few cables and a setup CD. So from the minute you open the box, load the cartridge and print your first document, you won’t be hampered by anything super technical, leaving you free to enjoy simple and easy everyday printing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can safely say that inkjet printers are the most popular choice for home printing needs. Now comes the question of which one best suits your particular needs. If you need any help choosing the best inkjet printer model that fits your personal preferences and budget, you can contact the printing solution experts at National Printing Centre (NPC) LLC.

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