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Why Choose Unique Glass Awards For Any Special Ceremony?

When buying a trophy to reward someone at work, you’ll want to reflect on their personality and achievements in the award. That is when glass awards come into the picture. Not only do they appear amazing to the receiver, but they also reflect the quality of your company. In order to learn more about , read till the end.

Types of Glass Awards

There are usually two types of glass awards, crystal, and acrylic. But how do acrylic glass, and crystal vary from one another?

Crystal: Lead content is higher in crystal glass, which is what gives it its hefty feel and light-diffracting qualities. Glass and crystal appear to be similar at first glance, but as light passes through the crystal, it diffracts the light, giving the material a glittering, sparkly appearance.

Acrylic: Although technically classified as a type of glass, acrylic is a synthetic polymer and is, in reality, a thermoplastic. Of the three materials, acrylic is the most distinctive since it has a plastic-like feel to the touch.

Why Offer Glass awards?

Here are all the reasons why choose a glass trophy-

Less expensive with more prestige

Both glass and crystal awards have a very regal appearance. However, crystal prizes can be pricey.

It’s possible that you have a tight budget. Perhaps you’re in charge of a charitable contest or a business that recognizes modest success. In either case, glass can make a great replacement for the crystal.

In other words, glass does an excellent job of appearing more expensive than it actually is!

Modern and Sleek

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the glass as a representation of modernity in everything from contemporary skyscrapers to business signage.

In the wrong context, a traditional prize made of brass or silver could seem out of date and archaic. But glass endures forever. Glass awards are therefore a fantastic fit for the business culture.

Unique Designs

Not difficult to forget, is it? You might assume that all unique glass awards are transparent if you think of the word “glass award.” However, the reality is that there is a wide range in the hue of glass trophies.

Things to consider while ordering glass awards

When choosing the size and shape of your unique glass awards, there are numerous aspects to take into account-

Size: The size of your prize can be a more crucial consideration as more of us work from home. Where will the receiver put this on display? Do they require a desk trophy or a larger, more impressive mantelpiece?

Weight: How big is each prize? This is a crucial factor to take into account if you’re sending awards to specific recipients or abroad.


There is nothing more rewarding for employees than achieving a physical form of the award that screams “I am proud of you/ I am thankful to you”. And if you are going to reward someone, then make it more special with a unique glass award. There are hundreds of unique glass awards designs available for different occasions.

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