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Why I Love My Mother She’s a Warrior

As a child, I was not aware of how much Love my mother had to sacrifice for me. Now that I’m grown up, I know how hard she worked to make sure that I had everything I needed and more. The brave women quotes are also enough to inspire you and let you know that no matter what, you will be able to win your battles. There is nothing that can stop a woman who is determined and willing to fight for her rights.

My mother is tough

One of the reasons I love my mother is because she’s a warrior. She’s tough, and that toughness has allowed her to overcome some truly formidable obstacles in her life.

Like myself, she has rarely never expressed any intention to pursue a career as an artist or creator, but she is a phenomenal baker and cook. When I was a child and even now, she taught me how to prepare delectable delicacies from herself.

She also showed me how important it is not to be afraid of failure as long as you work hard at something meaningful. My mom is one of those people who will do anything for others; this quality makes her an amazing friend and coworker who always puts others first before herself.

My mother has been through so much throughout her life, things most people could never imagine going through themselves, but she always finds a way to make things better no matter what happens next (often by baking something delicious).

No matter what obstacle stands between us, my mom always finds a way around it or overcomes it quickly so we can move forward toward our goals together as teammates rather than adversaries competing against each other for control over our own lives.

She had a rough childhood

My mum suffered a difficult childhood. As a latchkey child, my mom frequently left the alone house and had to take care of herself while her mother was at work.

The difficult situation led my mom to struggle academically as a child, she wasn’t able to focus on school because of her responsibilities at home and in the community. However, she managed to find success once she got into high school: despite fighting through some pretty challenging circumstances, my mother graduated high school with honors.

She’s been through a lot in life

My mom has been through a lot in life. She’s had to work hard for everything she has and she’s had to deal with a lot of heartaches, but she never gave up. Instead, my mom used that hard to become stronger and even more determined.

She has always worked hard for me

But the truth is, my mother has always worked hard for me. She has always been there when I needed her. And she has been a great mother to me for as long as I can remember.

She has taught me to be strong and independent

My mother has taught me to be strong and independent. She has taught me to be brave, and she has been a leader in my life.

She taught me these things by showing them to me, not telling me about them. Whenever she was ill and undergoing treatments for breast cancer and targeted therapies for thyroid cancer, I observed her perseverance.

I saw her bravery when she got pregnant with my brother at age 40, even though it could have been dangerous for both of them due to the high risk of Down syndrome in babies born that late in pregnancy; he didn’t have Down syndrome but did have some learning disabilities because of it (but still managed to graduate from college).

I saw my mom as a leader because she handled everything that came up with grace, even though all of these things were extremely stressful for our family and could easily have torn us apart if they’d gone differently…they didn’t.


Sometimes, I have the urge to tell my mother that I can take care of myself. But then I remember how hard she has worked for me and how much she has sacrificed so that I could be successful. So instead of saying that, I just say “Thank you” because there are not enough words in this world to express my love my mother and everything she has done for me.

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