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Why It Is the Right Time to Turning to Eco Friendly Fashion

Clothing is a basic necessity of every human being. Buying clothes is one of the crucial parts of our lives. If you have been aware of fashion and trends then you will have the idea about the term “fast fashion” It is just like fast food but for clothes. We all love cheap clothing and there are fashion giants that play important role in providing fast fashion. Unlike eco friendly fashion, the clothing items they provide are often cheaper and made of synthetic fabric.

While this may sound a good deal for many but the fast fashion industry is one of the key elements polluting the earth and its most precious resources? This is why converting to eco conscious clothing from brands is something that we should all think about it seriously. Fast fashion or cheap clothing is causing too much harm to our climate that you may not have the idea about. Here is why you should be buying organic clothing.

Earth Is Suffering

Ever since humans tried to replicate the natural resources they messed up the natural. From plastic to synthetic fibers or inorganic cotton. All of them are taking a huge part in destroying the environment at its worst. GMOs are though fulfilling the requirement of the majority of the population such as wheat or other crops. But we have to pay a significant price as well. 

Unlike earth friendly clothing, fast fashion is being manufactured with in-organic cotton. It requires too much of natural resources and not only the consumption of resources that is problematic but the harmful chemical to be used in harvesting damages the earth and waterways as well. This isn’t just damaging the face of the earth but we humans are also suffering.

More fast fashion means more harvesting or non-organic cotton. It requires employing more people that will have to work a lot but not getting enough wages causing unrest not only in climate but society as well.

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Why Organic Clothing Brands Should Be Promoted?

If you look for the list of organic clothing brands then you will find several reputed brands that are working on growing organic cotton crops and for this purpose, they are investing not only locally but they have invested in developing countries as well. If you don’t know, organic crops though require manual labor but it ends up benefiting the land and farmer along with climate as well.

Organic cotton doesn’t require artificial and harmful pesticides so farmers stay healthy while working and the climate stays clean. Investing in developing countries has helped them get employed, earning minimum wage along with other benefits such as schooling for their children, health insurance, and vocational training. This has significantly improved the quality of living of those areas.

Promoting Brands

This is why going for organic cotton clothing will help in promoting brands and a huge demand will let them work more. Unlike in-organic cotton farming, they will invest in organic farming which will not only restore what earth has given to us but will encourage other brands to invest and focus more on organic clothing.

Rise in Skin and Respiratory Issues

This sounds weird to you then it should be because fast fashion is produced with harmful. Synthetic fiber and non-organic cotton. If they claim it is cotton mixed you will find that is still 94% polyester so who is the winner here?

It is often stated that there aren’t any affordable organic clothing brands which is not partially true. This is because there are brands such as Neunomads where you can find a wide range of rather affordable clothing items that are made of 100% organic material. 

On the other hand, most of us will prefer cheaper clothing brands or “fast fashion”. Because costs less and you can buy in bulk. The harmful chemicals are the major part of this material. The harmful dyes are bad for skin as they are the reason behind respiratory issues to humans. You can search online and there will be research regarding it. How our clothing choice is increasing skin problems, especially among babies and children. It will surely make you buy authentic eco friendly clothes.

Go for Durability

This is perhaps one of the major factors that you should consider buying clothes online or offline store. Organic material is known as the most durable material when it comes to clothing. This is because no harmful chemicals are used ever since they are being farmed. There aren’t any harsh chemicals used to process and manufacture organic cotton. Which is a major part of the eco friendly fabric. This is why natural cotton has stronger fibers and over appearance making organic clothing durable options.

On the other hand, when it comes to non-organic cotton. This is the reason that with just or two wash, the regular clothes will look dull and won’t last for next season. Though you will find GOTS certified clothing comparatively high pricing but the durability and quality of the clothing justify the pricing.

More Purchase Means More Production

When you buy fast fashion then you increase the demand for it. So brands dealing with it look for alternatives to meet the demand and while this shouldn’t be a problem. It will be when the old clothes will be dumped and cannot be used any longer in faster ways

On the other hand, when there is a fair market for organic clothing. Then naturally there will be more focus on growing organic crops to meet the organic clothing requirements. And when there will be more brands that will focus on providing cheap natural clothing.

When there is a huge demand for organic clothing and beauty items. Then more people will invest in organic beauty brands thus creating a rather sustainable environment for our coming generation.

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