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Why Mosaic Tiles are the next big thing

Mosaic tiles are a subtle yet intricate design element that may be used in any room. It’s great since they’re so flexible when it comes to where mosaic tiles should go. There are several types of mosaics available, including traditional stone and more modern ones, with many options for you to select from.


Laying mosaic tiles is like wall tile installation, but the mesh backing on the mosaics makes it more convenient. A great tip is to utilize a Mosaic Mesh Backer; it will give your mosaic greater strength and make working with it much easier.


For more information on how to tile a wall and install mosaic tiles, see our helpful article.

Mosaics are never out of style, so if you want to install a mosaic tile, you’ve got an infinite number of possibilities and ideas to choose from. Take the natural greens movement; it incorporates elements from outside the home.


This bedroom is transformed with the addition of a mosaic tile like our Hexmix Carrara. Taking it from statement to show-stopper, adding a mosaic adds just the right amount of drama. Large hexagon marble tiles may be overwhelming in this tranquil environment; therefore, this more restrained approach only enhances the serenity of the area.


Where should mosaic tiles be placed in bathrooms is a question that we receive frequently. In your shower, use glass mosaic tiles like the Regal Vanilla Accent to make this beautiful design. For a contemporary touch, just tile one wall of the shower for an attention-getting feature.


The tiles from this collection are ideal for a minimalist shower floor because they have a subtle, frosted or satin-like appearance. You’ll feel smooth after your shower if you use these tiles. If a large shower isn’t your thing, consider putting a horizontal mosaic strip over the top to provide the impression of more room.


Whether this is for your kitchen walls or a bathroom feature, it is sure to transform the space.

The glass dark tile stands out when contrasted with a contrasting grout. For a contemporary and restful atmosphere, combine it with warm woods, natural materials, and basic furniture. Alternatively, use white matte kitchen units and brass metal taps to create a more monochromatic look.


The defining characteristic of the Mosaic range is that it’s made up of at least 30 percent recycled glass. On a mesh backing, they come in various finishes and sizes and are composed of at least 30% recycled glass.


Victorian Flooring tile is a huge advocate of showing off this intricate mosaic tiles’ simplicity. Instead of having to piece and cut each tile, the mosaic sheets allow you to enjoy this beautiful Victorian design in no time. Traditional tiles that are simple to install provide a wonderfully flexible style that may be used.


If you’re looking for Mosaic Tiles for your business, why not check out House of Mosaic today.

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