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Why Winter Is The Best Time to Start A New Workout Routine

Leather jackets, hot chocolate, warm blankets, woolen caps, and cozy socks are the best way to describe winters the best! Winters are undisputedly the season to laze around and stay inside. Avoiding the chilly breeze outside seems like the sane thing to do and somehow that just adds to the winter fervor. Cold hands, pink cheeks, and a warm heart are what make winters even more joyful.

However along with all the amazing things that you can do in winters, exercising and losing weight can be one of them. Don’t be surprised. Research suggests winter is the best time to shed those extra kilos and get into a new workout routine. Before we tell you why winter is the best time to start working out, let’s learn about how to stay focused on our fitness during winters.

How To Warm Up Your Body Naturally During Winters?

Research suggests that motivating yourself and bringing yourself to workout promotes energy flow in the body. Initially, your body might resist and will feel a slight shock but this is indeed the best way to warm your body. Exercise is the best way to warm up your body and get your blood pumping during winters. So rather than calling up in a blanket or sitting in front of the heater, choose an easy workout routine that helps your body warm-up.

Why Is Winter The Best Time To Start A New Workout Routine?

Well, there are many reasons why setting up a home workout routine during winter is a great idea. From burning more calories to sweating less and warming up your body naturally, here are all the reasons why winter is the best time to start a new workout routine.

  • Soak Up That Vitamin D

Exercising outdoors will expose your bare skin to sunlight which causes a reaction in the body and promotes the production of Vitamin D. Most of us have a deficiency of Vitamin D because unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D cannot be consumed in the form of food so sun exposure is really important for the same.

  • Sweat Less In Winter

It’s common knowledge that we sweat less during winters. And naturally because of this one can avoid the odor and sweat problem. Sweating is the process that our body uses to cool itself but during winters sweat evaporates quickly. So, you can make a workout plan that involves not too many exercises and reps because even a few minutes of exercise are sufficient to keep you warm.

  • Burn More Calories And Shed That Fat

During winters the body uses a good amount of energy to keep it warm. When it comes to winter workout tips, an important one is that you should never skip warm-ups. This is because your body needs to raise its internal heat before starting your actual workout routine. To have a stable body temperature you need to work harder during winters.

  • Keeps Your Mental Health In Check

Along with everything else that winter brings along, it also brings along gloom. Studies suggest that extreme weather affects mental health negatively. People tend to stay in during winters and try avoiding normal activities and go in some sort of a ‘human hibernation mode, which can increase chances of Depression. Since workouts affect us not only physically but also boost our mental health a full body workout during winters can reduce anxiety and help you feel better.

Now you know why winter is the best time to start a new workout routine. If you want to now join a gym be more consistent and want a more enthusiastic environment to workout then do with FITPASS- India’s largest network of gyms and fitness studios that offers you the freedom to workout wherever and whenever you want. You can choose from 1,50,000+ workout sessions and 5500+ gyms and fitness studios across the country. If you are not sure about how you feel about going to the gym amid the COVID-19 scare then we have the perfect solution for you! Indulge in-home workouts with FITCOACH, an AI-enabled, smart fitness coach, that has an advanced recommendation engine for individual assistance (ARIA) to offer intelligent individual assistance to every member. FITCOACH is something that learns all about your fitness needs and goals and recommends workouts accordingly so, we got you covered!

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