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Health and Fitness

Why You Must Take Care Of Your Heart Health

Getting out of bed in the early morning is a tough job for us. But still, people out there make this a habit. You would have seen a senior citizen jogging at the park. A little spark in your mind and heart tell you how surprised you are. Yes! You may be one among the people in their 30s and 40s. 

We are so careless about our health. 

There is a famous quote “If you lost money, you lost Nothing. If you lost HEALTH, you lost EVERYTHING”. 

It is okay to run for the money. I agree with your view “money is ultimate”. People failed to realize that health is very much more important than money. 

A Common Phrase

Nowadays, it is common to hear a person is taking medication for heart problems. This is never ever a good sign. 

I still wonder why we are not so keen on maintaining a good health condition. 

This is totally not right. At the end what we used to do? We feel so bad about how we ignored the days when we can make it right for the future. 

Are you going to feel the same in the coming days? It solely depends on you!  It is your responsibility to take care of your heart. 

Control Your Calories

Is it possible to drive a car without an engine? No, right! 

The moment your heart misses and stops beating, your days are over. Your food culture is your enemy. Your body has to do the main function of burning your calories. Physical activities help you in burning calories. 

We never like to sweat, because We are Humans. 

Fats and cholesterol build up your metabolism and good health. A proper intake and outlet lead to a healthy body function. 

But when there is a disconnection between intake and outlet then your body is not in a good form. 

Surgery, a new add-on

The heart pumps blood to all the organs. 

You would have heard “I underwent a bypass surgery or I had an angioplasty” from your circle. 

These blocks generally originate in the blood vessels located near the heart. Cholesterol is the main reason behind the building up of blocks. 

Cholesterol, the accelerator 

Eating oil and junk foods accelerates the cholesterol level. 

You can ask me that “without using oil how to prepare food?”. To educate you, there are two types of cholesterol i.e, Good and Bad. 

Good cholesterol helps you to maintain good health as it is made of vitamin-rich components. On the other hand, bad cholesterol leads to plaque growth in the arteries. 

The presence and rapid growth of plaque in the arteries reduce blood flow. As the days pass, these plaques end up in the formation of blocks. 

These blocks block the blood flow thus making the heart difficult to blood pumping. The heart puts maximum effort to pump the blood. Your heart stops beating as the blood is not pumped. 

Eat Healthily, Be Healthy.

Eating healthy foods is as important as saving money. Your food habits are the first reason for heart disease. 

Most cardiologists suggest the intake of very minimal levels of cholesterol foods. The time you start to consume healthy foods, you start to maintain good cardiology

Ok fine! I will put up a chart and follow my food diet. 

Then What? Am I completely risk-free from heart illnesses? Yeah, but it depends. 

Don’t fall prey to Smoking

If you are a smoker then you have a 90% chance to get affected with cardiovascular problems. Smoking is injurious to health. 

When you smoke, it significantly affects the function of your lungs. 

The tobacco dust settles on the arteries and lungs. The more you smoke the chances of block development are higher and quicker. 

Let me give you a real-time example. Smokers prepone the chances of getting heart problems 50% faster than a non-smoker. 


“Quit Smoking” is the only available option for you to get rid of heart problems. 

I understand that it is not as easy as giving advice or comments. But why not give it a try? Try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke gradually. 

Then it will be easier for you to quit smoking permanently and it is practically possible to quit. 

Get rid of Obesity

The more junk food you eat, the more chance of getting obese. Obsessed people are highly subjected to heart problems. 

As a matter of fact, being overweight is mainly due to non-periodic food consumption and taking less care about their physical health.

For some people, eating food is their favorite stress buster. 

If you can’t maintain your weight as per the BMI then you are at risk. People do not understand the weight of weight. 

Too much intake adds too much protein to your body. 

When the breakdown protein is not up to the desired level, there comes a high blood pressure which accelerates the chance of heart dysfunction. 

So it is wise to check and control your body weight. 

Be Aware

People having enough awareness about the chance of getting affected due to cardiology pay attention to their physical exercise. 

Just go to the park in the morning. You can observe people above 50 years old go for a rigorous walk. 

Those are the guys who may take medication due to heart problems and high blood pressure. 

Doing some physical activities like jogging, running, swimming, workouts and other outdoor activities helps you burn extra fat, calories, and cholesterol. 

A Piece of Suggestion

It is never ever hard or tough to maintain good heart health. It is easier than you ever thought. Getting rid of cardio problems is possible and it lies in the initiative you take on a daily basis. 

Controlling your taste bud, practicing waking up early in the morning, and preferring physical activities significantly helps you in maintaining good health. 

What next? Plan your schedule and make it a habit. Let us live risk-free. 


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