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10 Most Popular Indian Children’s Book Characters

10 Most Popular Indian Children’s Book Characters

We knew that choosing the 10 best children’s book characters would be a difficult task. That is why we gave some of the responsibility over to GetLitt! Use dwarf name generator to generate different characters’ names.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Indian Children’s Book Characters

1. Gajapati Kulapati

Gajapati Kulapati, a fun-loving elephant, is a favorite of parents and children alike. When we asked the community for nominations of their favorite children’s book characters, his name was often mentioned. This picture book tells the story of Gajapati’s delightful adventures. He is happy-go-lucky and always gets something done. GetLitt has all three books! GetLitt today and see why so many people love this book series. For best group name ideas, you can try a band name generator.

2. Petu Pumpkin

Petu Pumpkin is another popular choice among the GetLitt! Community. This is one child’s book character that you will never forget, whether he steals Tiffins or has tooth problems. Petu is always in trouble, which is probably why children love to read about his adventures.

3. Timmi

Timmi’s personality is bold, fun, brave, imaginative, imaginative, and often misunderstood. It’s no surprise that Timmi is a favorite among GetLitt! members. Timmi in Tangles tells the story of a girl who finds herself in unusual situations, such as being a friend to a giant or being accused by her family of eating all the idlis. Is she able to get out of this situation?

4. Swami

The Malguni Days children’s book character Swami will be a familiar name to parents who grew up reading books. In the late 80s and early 90s, the book was made into a television series where Swami and his friends were the main characters. Richa Sethi, co-founder of GetLitt!, selected Swami to be on their list. Ashok Rajagopalan, author.

5. The Monster

It is not often that a monster is chosen to be one of the most beloved children’s characters. You’ve never read “Moin and the Monster”. This is because this pink and funny monster captures the imaginations of readers, rather than scaring them. The monster in this series will entertain readers, whether he’s singing a song or sharing his “monster rules”.

6. Itee Fui

Sometimes, the most memorable children’s book characters are those who support the main character. This is the case with the adorable Itee Fui. The Item Fui is introduced in Kittu’s Very Sad Day. Kittu’s favorite character is her friend, and she is always there to give him compliments. You don’t need someone like this in your life!

7. Shanmugam

Children’s books characters with hilarious quirks are a delight. Shanmugam the Lion is a sleepy creature who likes to nap when he should have been watching over his kingdom. Although his snores can be loud, they could prove useful when a new scary visitor arrives. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You and your child will love reading this book, which features many beloved children’s characters.

8. Stoob

What fifth grader wouldn’t love to read about a frustrated fifth grader? This chapter book is great for middle school students who want to learn about a character to that they can relate. Stoob’s adventures include tough exams and a monkey and a crow who want to take him down. It’s no surprise that Stoob made our list of the ‘best children’s book characters!

9. Ammachi

Sweet Ammachi is a creative thinker. We love the way Ammachi and Sooraj came up with amazing solutions to everyday village problems. This book is a must-have for all ages.

10. Tsering

This charming tale will charm all who read it. Tsering, our blind protagonist, invites his friends to try his grandmother’s delicious noodle soup. Tsering’s other senses are useful when there is a power outage that causes everything to go dark.

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