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The Top 4 Benefits of an Inflatable SUP

There are two main styles of stand up paddle boards (SUP). The first style is a rigid board. They are solid and made in one piece. They are very similar to a classic surfboard in that way, except they are usually much bigger and built for a more stable ride over calmer waters. The second style of board is an inflatable SUP.

As its name implies, you can inflate and deflate this board for a more travel-friendly experience. Both boards offer unique benefits, but an inflatable stand up paddle board has standout features that can fit an on-the-go lifestyle. It might also be more beginner-friendly. If you’re in the market for your first paddle board, it’s worth considering an inflatable one for these four reasons.

It’s Easy to Store an Inflatable SUP

One of the main draws of an inflatable paddle board is that it can be deflated and stored in small spaces. Many people might be deterred from getting a rigid SUP because they don’t think they have the room to store one. Whether they live in an apartment, with roommates, or in a small townhome, storage space might be limited. In that case, an inflatable SUP is a perfect choice.

Once deflated, you can store it practically anywhere. From a hallway closet to an apartment patio, chances are you have a place to store this deflated paddle board. If you want even extra versatility when it comes to storage, get an adjustable SUP paddle that can be broken down into smaller pieces. Then, you’ll have even more storage options.

Traveling Is a Cinch Thanks to a Lightweight Design

An inflatable SUP makes traveling incredibly easy. For example, a deflated board can fit into almost any trunk or backseat, making it easier for you to figure out your travel plans. No, you don’t need a van, a truck, or an SUV with a roof rack to take your inflatable paddle board to your local lake or waterway.

Once you’ve reached your destination, your board is light enough to carry to the beachfront or dock. You can inflate it next to the water or next to your car and carry it with one of the handles. Either way, an inflatable board is incredibly easy to transport. Once you’re done boarding, simply deflate the board, and you’re on your way.

Versatile Uses for Everyone

When you get an all-around inflatable paddle board, you can do so many different activities. You can do yoga in the middle of the lake for a serene and peaceful experience or take it up a notch and surf on smaller waves by the beach. You could also spend an entire day and go touring. This is when you take your inflatable SUP and spend a few hours on the water exploring the ins and outs of your waterway. Your inflatable paddle board gives you plenty of options for activities. You can kiss boredom goodbye.

Good for Beginners and Veterans Alike

You don’t have to be a paddle boarding veteran to enjoy an inflatable SUP. In fact, it is an excellent choice for beginners because of how manageable it is. You can store it pretty much anywhere, travel in any vehicle, and use it on almost any body of water. Beginners can use a well-rounded inflatable board to start their journey in the world of SUPs. Veterans can use it to perform some of their favorite activities. With all of these things in mind, it’s pretty clear that you need an inflatable paddle board in your life. Head to a trusted brand and find the perfect board for you to start with.

About Boardworks

It’s time to get out on the water, and Boardworks is here to help. They have been a leader in the stand up paddle board (SUP) and surfboard community and have been helping people get out on the water since the early 90s. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Boardworks takes pride in outfitting you with the surfboard or paddle board you need to hit the waves or explore your local waterways. Their high-quality products can help you take your summer to the next level. From an inflatable SUP to FROTH foam-covered surfboards, there is something for every water lover to enjoy. Choose Boardworks and make this summer one to remember.

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