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5 practical tips to choose a custom TV stand

How to choose a custom TV stand? To help you personalize your living room as much as possible and arrange your living space as well as possible, discover five essential criteria to make your TV stand a useful, aesthetic and functional element.

1. Adjust the TV bracket to the interior layout

The choice of furniture for TV, due to their popularity, is so wide that we can easily choose the right model for ourselves.

However, one should not forget that it should harmonize with the interior in which it is going to stand. The cabinet should match the layout of the room not only in terms of the style of manufacture; but also color palette.

A large living room can be tempted by dark models or a TV stand library; while for a smaller room it is better to choose something light that enlarges the space.

Lovers of classic patterns will undoubtedly love the elegance of a TV shelf or a slim or hanging design TV stand in wood hues.

The TV stand can also be selected according to the desired contrast of materials in the room. This proposal will certainly appeal to lovers of contemporary interiors (wood and metal). 

It is also worth paying attention to the back wall. If the living room was arranged in expressive colors or patterns, TV furniture in neutral colors (white, beige, gray, black) will be the best solution. If you have a neutral background behind the TV, then you can go a bit more quirky and choose a TV stand model that is more sophisticated in its design. 

It is also worth trying a model with LED backlighting. Such a solution will give the room a unique elegance and optically warm it up.

2. Choose the correct height and distance

To take full advantage of the quality of the image, it is important to position your television correctly and to choose the TV stand according to your needs.

Indeed, the TV stand should not be too high; the center of the screen should be in the center of your eyes. 

To be optimal, you should neither lower your neck nor raise it too much while watching television. This position is unhealthy for your spine and neck. It is assumed that a height of about 50cm – 60cm is the best solution to install it. 

In addition, the TV cabinet must be compatible with the dimensions of the other furniture in the living room. When you go to sit in front of the screen, the TV stand will also be in the center of your field of vision.

It is also important to choose the right distance. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. The setting mainly depends on the size and resolution of your TV.

n Full HD televisions, each inch of the screen is 4.2 cm away. For example, 65 inches requires a distance of 273 cm. 

On the other hand, for Ultra HD televisions, this converter is 2.1 cm. In this case, the minimum distance for a 65-inch TV will be about 136.5 cm. This model can therefore also be placed in a small living room.

To find your way easily, consult the website of the manufacturer of your TV. They usually have these conversion factors. It is worth visiting them and calculating the best distance for our eyes.

3. Measure the suitable width of the TV stand

The next step is to measure the width of your TV to get a custom effect.

If you have a smaller space, you should follow the principle that the larger the TV, the proportionally smaller and lower the cabinet should be. A large TV paired with too wide a piece of furniture will overwhelm the interior in which it is located. 

If you’re a fan of bulky items, a tall TV stand might be the perfect solution for you; but if you prefer more minimalist solutions, it is better to opt for a TV table or a smaller TV bench.

Also, the TV stand should be wide enough to provide stable support for the equipment. However, an oversized shelf will visually reduce the screen itself, destroying the proportions of the interior. 

The ideal choice is therefore a model at least 5 to 10 cm wider than the diagonal of your television. The surface of the TV must not exceed the limits of the cabinet, as this exposes the equipment to accidental knocks and loss of balance.

You should also consider if you want to put, for example:

  • A decoder;
  • Home cinema speakers;
  • A router;
  • A DVD player… on the cabinet.

In this case, the width of the TV table should be about 25% larger than the width of the TV itself.

If you’ve chosen a hanging (wall-mounted) TV, the cabinet underneath may be shorter than it, but it’s worth keeping the proportions and choosing a longer TV stand. On the other hand, if the screen is placed on the furniture, check the maximum load of the furniture.

4. Determine the type of TV stand

The offer on the TV stand market is huge. So which model of TV stand should you choose for your living room? We present to you some of the most popular types.

TV stand without legs

Dedicated to rather modern rooms, this furniture offers a block design and the materials used are generally rather contemporary. Metal, glossy facades, raw wood… It will also work well in minimalist interiors.

Such TV cabinets can take the form of a small chest of drawers, TV shelves or partitions and will surely appeal to lovers of classic solutions.

A TV table on legs

The small TV furniture table is a solution that adapts to almost any interior style, including the loft style. 

A small table with metal legs will go perfectly with red brick on the wall and wooden parquet on the floor. The table can also be equipped with drawers, small cupboards or compartments for storing personal belongings. 

A hanging TV stand

This is the perfect solution for small rooms! It is an increasingly popular type of TV stand, due to its modern character and the space saving it offers.

Such a cabinet perfectly balances a narrow space and is suitable for rooms that are restricted in width in order to expand them all the more. However, remember that the hanging TV cabinet should not be mounted too high. For this type of addition, it is recommended to hang the TV at a height of 100-110 cm.

A long TV stand

If you have a larger area or want to focus on modern designs in your apartment, you can decide to create a TV wall entirely dedicated to your television.

This kind of TV cabinet with storage allows a stylish and practical organization of the entire surface. With its many drawers and shelves, it will also offer you plenty of storage space. Check for more here.

5. Opt for a practical and functional piece of furniture

When choosing a TV stand, its functionality should be considered. Before choosing your future living room furniture, you have to count the number of equipment you want to accommodate.

It is also important that the cabinet has several cable openings or internal outlets to avoid unsightly wire clutter. It must also have optimal ventilation, since the equipment heats up during operation.

If, for example, a game console or a DVD player is to be placed on the TV cabinet, you can choose models with shelves, compartments or recesses that will ensure good organization of the equipment.

A designer TV cabinet does not always offer these advantages. The cabinet must also be solid. A TV, especially a large one, requires a solid base. Sturdy structure made from durable raw material will prevent the cabinet from warping and serve you for many years. As you can see, the optimal choice of suitable TV cabinets consists of several factors. Aesthetic values, functionality, appropriate parameters are the key to success in choosing the best model that you can customize according to your needs.

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