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5 Reasons Why Python Will Be the Most Popular Programming Language in 2022!

With programming languages like Kotlin, Golang, and Ruby on Rails dominating the market, the second most popular programming language is in high demand like never before. Python is the topic of this blog, and it has surpassed Java as the second most popular programming language. At least, that’s what Stack Overflow and the GeeksForGeeks survey say!

In this blog, you’ll learn why Python has become the language of choice for developers and software development firms, and why adopting it even as a backup plan is critical in the future years. 

Simple to Understand and Apply

Python is simple to learn and adapt. It’s an indisputable fact that anyone can grasp in less than a month. Python is the most user-friendly programming language with built-in bug-fixing features.

Unlike many other languages, Python does not require brackets when writing code, and anyone with a basic understanding of the language may write and run it.

The second best programming language has an English-like syntax that makes it simple for programmers to decipher the details quickly.

NumPy, Pandas, Selenium, SciPy, PyTorch, and Bokeh are just a few of the libraries and frameworks available in Python.

Above all, the Whitespace Rule clarifies the code and identifies any errors that may appear.

These are some fundamental Python instructions that everyone enjoys in the first place. The tutorials can be found on YouTube or on their own websites.

A Compassionate Integrator

Python is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s a multiplatform, open-source programming language that can handle any project on any operating system, and it can assist both backend and front-end developers.

Python provides the most secure environment for users when compared to other programming languages. The second-best programming language has highly encrypted security features that detect threats quickly and defend against them before they cause any harm.

Language for Dynamic Programming

AI and machine learning are one of the key reasons for Python’s success as the second-best programming language. AI and machine learning have permeated our daily lives, from home gadgets to machinery.

To create such gadgets, developers want a secure and strong programming language, and Python is the one they use.

Apart from that, Python is the preferred programming language for projects involving data science, data mining, and video game production. All of the aforementioned areas have seen tremendous growth since 2012.

Data Science, in particular! One of the main reasons for Python’s popularity as the company’s chosen programming language.

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

Python’s recent success demonstrates the versatility of coders all over the world. Every year, the number of Python developers grows. Anyone who spends time learning Python will see a solid return on their investment.

Also, if you’re a coding enthusiast who hasn’t used Python before, you should give it a shot.

When it comes to the typical income of Python developers in India, freshers earn 4LPA on average, while experienced developers get 10-12LPA. It totally depends on their ability.

It’s around $151,044 in the United States. It’s the most pleasant package at any given time.

The Best of the Best

The easiest-to-use configuration and adaptability of Python have created a difference among users. It’s an open-source programming language, and demand for it is currently at an all-time high.

Developers spend less time writing code and can execute it on any platform without difficulty.

Python libraries have brought automation with them, which aids developers in performing their jobs in a proactive manner.

With such features and automation, no other programming language, aside from JavaScript, appears to be on the verge of overtaking Python as the second-best programming language.


The internet, AI, and machine learning are the hallmarks of the twenty-first century. Compatibility in all of these domains of work is a daunting task in today’s ever-evolving technological environment.

In recent years, Python has emerged as the savior for python developers working in these fields. Python’s smooth integration, threat detection, and early bug fixes are major reasons why developers have stuck with it for so long.

Hopefully, the saga will continue in this manner, with both users and developers benefiting.

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