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6 Advantages of Using the Same Tyres on Each Axle

You have visited the right place. Get the best brand tyre including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Hankook Tyres Watford for your car model.

Importance of Installing the Same Tyre on All Axle

Indeed, car performance depends on several factors, however, tyre play one of the major roles in this. According to automobile manufacturers, you have to install the same brand and model of the tyre for better performance and safety. But the fact is; that numerous people don’t use the same tyre on all axles. Before changing a tyre, if you are going to replace the tyre for the very first time, you have to go with the current tyre. Because those tyre are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of your car brand. Apart from that, you can check the car manual for knowing the best tyre for your car model. Therefore, if you want to install other best tyres, you have visited the right place. Get the best brand tyre including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Hankook Tyres Watford for your car model.

You should refrain from combining various tyre manufacturers and tread patterns. Manufacturers generally do not advise tyre mixing at all, however, there are a few unusual exceptions for certified mixed tyre installations. When you have a good budget and want long-term benefits, and care for your safety and vehicle performance, you must install the same tyre on all axles. Your automobile has a unique collection of unique attributes. It requires the assistance of suitable tyres that are made to magnify such advantages. Additionally, mixing your car’s tyres prevents it from doing the tasks for which it was designed. To get optimal performance, it is crucial to pick the tyre brand that best suits your vehicle. Here, discover the advantages of utilizing the same brand and type of tyre on each axle.

  • Safe Ride

Using the same tread pattern and size of the tyre is essential for your safety. Your car offers great stability and handling, as a result, you will get a safe ride. Here, you have to understand the importance of tyre rotation. Whether you are using the same tyre on every axle or a different tyre on the rear wheels, you must go for tyre rotation. This is essential for improving the performance and the same amount of wear to every tyre. Eventually, it affects safety.

  • Improve Performance 

Using the same brand and model tyres helps to improve the vehicle’s overall performance. It improves traction, steering control, road holding, cornering, and responsiveness on both dry and wet roads. Of course, you will get better comfort with the same tyre. Better performance leads to better safety, however, sometimes high performance can be risky. For example; high-quality tyres respond quickly and if you install the same high-quality tyre on each axle, which increases the responsiveness of the tyre. And the quick response of tyres can be risky on highways. But driving according to the road quality and traffic saves you from this. 

  • Improve the Lifespan of the Tyre

If you install the same tyre on each axle, the tyres offer more mileage. However, after installing the same brand tyre, you must rotate your tyre after 5000 miles. As compared to mixed tyres, the same tyres offer better durability. Learn how!!

All reputable tyre manufacturers, like Hankook and Michelin, provide their tyres with a variety of attributes, including a particular load index, speed rating, and tread pattern. Consequently, with time, the performance of the automobile may suffer if you use tyres from various manufacturers with various attributes. True, you will get mismatched features if you combine mismatched tyres on your car. Understand with an example; on the rear, you have installed a Michelin premium tyre, but on the front, you have installed a budget brand tyre. Premium tyres have a better load index than budget tyres. As a result, one brand could be able to support the weight of the automobile, but the other would not, which might cause uneven tyre wear.

  • Better Speed

As I have mentioned above, tyres come with different speed ratings. If you install mixed tyres on your car, you will feel the difference in the speed of the car. Using the same tyre on each axle can easily improve the car’s speed.

  • Improve Car Mileage

Indeed, not every tyre has the same rolling resistance. If you use mixed tyres, your car consumes more fuel. Another hand, using the same brand and model tyres offers the same rolling resistance, which saves fuel at the same amount.

  • Better Look

The same size, brand, and model tyres offer a great look to the car. Install premium or mid-range Car Tyres Watford and enjoy the better appearance of the car.

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