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7 Mobile Anchor Points For Fall Protection To Use When Working at Height

Falling from a height still continues to be one of the significant causes of workplace deaths. The contribution of the share of the manufacturing and construction industry is alarming. fall protection Safety at the workplace is one trait that employee at any job looks for when starting work. And, when working involves risks, uncertain conditions, and towering heights, then more care should be taken of the man working up there.

Here’s what all fall protection safety equipment you should get when you are working at a height!

There are a lot of risks and threats that you may come across when you are at heights at the workplace or at different sites. To prevent any mishaps and injuries you must without a doubt use safety equipment. The basic safety equipment won’t be enough, you should put to use a well-equipped fall protection system. Here are the different anchor points for fall protection that you must use:

Anchor belts

The main purpose of anchors is hold and reliability. To keep the safety of all things intact, it is highly advisable to use anchor belts. They are made of plastic or metal used for fastening and clamping to keep things together or in position to assist working and tasks. Anchor belts look quite similar to the belts suspended in trains for people to hold onto. The belts earlier used to be made of heavy jute, now they are made from nylon and other sturdy synthetic materials.

Weighted mobile anchors

This is an ideal tool that will keep you from falling. A mobile anchor is tied to the worker with a suspended rope, this keeps him in range and also keeps movement controlled. Also, the anchors do not penetrate the roof and give extended support. Ensure that you place the anchor perfectly in accordance with the area of work. The weighted anchor can be one whole piece of equipment or it can also be dismantled into smaller pieces for convenience.

Beam braces and trollies

If you are looking for something that helps you move with full safety and smoothly across the workplace, then using beam braces and trollies is the best option. Remember to figure out the frequency of movement before installation. If there is low movement then braces are the pick and if there’s more movement, trolley it is! After all structural steel is the best option when you are working in the construction industry. It is the strongest material available in the market.

Door Bars

This is something you might have also seen outside the workspace and construction site, a door bar! It is a steel bar put across the door in such a way that it prevents a door from opening. It is an ideal tool where renovations and repairing’s are to be made in front of doors. Apart from steel, the door bar is also available in aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. It is available in two variants a single-door exit and also as a double-door exit.

Retrieval Tripod

If you require vertical suspension for any task at the construction site or the workplace then the best equipment is the retrieval tripod. It is easier and safer than installing more and more lanyards to make positioning and movements possible. It is the best tool to use at mines, manholes, or workplaces underground. The tripod looks much like the commonly used camera tripod, but it is bigger, steadier, and enables the user to suspend ropes or strings from the center down below.

Roof wagon

Just like the weighted anchor, a roof cart is attached to the personnel working and has all that the worker requires in his operation. It helps strike a balance while working, the weight of the items in the cart counter-act the weight of the person to prevent falling. Also, the cart has feet underneath that dig into the roof to evade mishaps. The equipment looks quite basic with wheels, piping, and a grip, but it can do wonders.

Robust rail system

This is also another highly preferred fall protection system equipment used to get huge tasks and projects done at a good pace. A robust rail system will help you move around at heights swiftly and securely, all just with ropes suspended on wheel mounts. They can be static as well as highly mobile installations.

Are you in search of the best mobile anchor points for your upcoming project?

Indian Inova tix is the name to rely on when you want the right fall protection system for your workplace or site. Not just mobile anchor points but we deal in other fall protection equipment also such as ropes, cables, rails, and drops. Why only fall protection! We are the maestros when it comes to overall safety, we also get you confined entries, evacuation devices, protection gears, climb assist systems, and much more.

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