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A Brief History of Skateboarding And Caps

Flexfit caps are popular among skateboarders because they look fantastic and are extremely practical, but how did they originate?


Skateboards have been around since the 1940s. They were initially utilized by Californian surfers who wanted to be active when the sea was not conducive to surfing.

In the summer of 1976, California was hit by a devastating drought that forced homeowners to drain their swimming pools. Skaters took advantage of these abandoned swimming pools and turned them into little skate parks. Then, to cater for the growing number of skaters, concrete skate parks were built.

Skaters began to make a name for themselves in the 1980s when they started competing and earning money from events and sponsorship deals. Skaters in the 1980s expanded their horizons beyond the skate park, doing tricks on city streets using street furniture such as railings, walls, and steps.

Skate clothing

Skateboarders value their clothing. Skating can be worn in most athletic attire, but skaters prefer more stylish and distinctive apparel. They enjoy streetwear – loose clothing inspired by sportswear that allows them to move freely and with distinct designs and logos on it. For skateboarders, the baseball-style cap is the headwear of choice.

Snapback caps keep the face shaded and the head safe from the sun’s rays. Sweatbands keep the head cool and dry by keeping it cool and dry. They fit securely and comfortably, so they won’t come off when you’re skateboarding.

Skateboarding has branched out from California and is now found all around the world. Flexfit Snapbacks are worn by skaters in every nation where they exist. Blank Flexfit caps are used by a few skateboarders, however, most prefer to wear personalized caps that include a logo or slogan printed or embroidered on them.

Skateboarders may purchase Flexfit hats from big stores like DICK’S and sports shops, but skateboard clothing is more commonly purchased at specialized skateboard retailers. These businesses sell bespoke Flexfit Snapback caps with board makers’ trademarks and logos, as well as those of other companies that target the skate community.

Skating caps from Flexfit are designed for skaters who like to wear them when skating and then keep on their skateboarding pals. We make the caps that skiers want to look nice yet be functional, long-lasting, and extremely pleasant.

Why are hats great merch options?

Snapback caps are popular in the skating community and can be used as great promotional merchandise. The caps not only add style to your everyday outfits, but they also keep the head cool and front of mind with people.

Our classic Flexfit hats look fantastic when personalized with any logo or slogan you choose, making sure it stays on the head.

If you’re looking to buy hats for your brand, you can choose from a wide range of services offered by Flexfit. They offer 100% embroidery, offset litho printing with up to 8 colours, and DTG (digital printing). Contact them by clicking here.

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