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There are plenty of precious stones available today in the market but there is nothing like diamonds. The craze is beyond imagination. And why not? Diamonds are not just another stones; they are an emotion to a woman. Solitaires are the perfect epitome of bringing a flashing smile on a woman’s face and sweeping them off their feet. 

The solitaire diamond ring underlines a precious stone by a particular setting. Indeed, the stone is sustained in elevation on the ring by at least four claws. Since it is the stone that is cherished, it must be chosen with great care. It is because it is alone that it is called solitaire. 

The ring used for the design of a solitaire is generally made of a precious metal. Silver, platinum and different shades of gold are the most exported metals. They can be used bare or set with tiny stones, in this case, we speak of solitaire abetted or covered. The shape of the ring is not regulated, it can take multiple forms according to individual taste. Thus, you can buy a solitaire with a double ring, a curved ring or a ring designed following geometric shapes.

In this blog, we will talk about why choosing solitaire diamond engagement rings for your partner is the best decision ever. 

1. They are a true vintage

Let’s backpedal to when you were sixteen or whenever you weren’t fond of browsing engagement ring designs. If we insist you to close your eyes and conceptualize a pretty engagement ring, how would it be? Most certainly a simplistic ring, set with a single studded diamond, right? That’s an everlasting and immortal solitaire ring. Solitaire diamond engagement rings never go outmoded, they fit on any size hand/finger, and your personal status would be a secret locked in a box.

2. They are absolutely versatile

Due to the clarity of the look, solitaire diamond rings are extremely versatile/adaptable when it comes to toning a wedding band. Almost any wedding band will go beautifully with a solitaire hand-in-hand, so if you really want multiple choices, a solitaire diamond ring is a great possibility. These rings also go well with multiple clothing styles and will blend with any other type of jewelry.

3. Less expensive

Also, it may be reasonable than other diamond settings due to the absence of side stones and accents. This way you can go for a larger solitaire diamond for the price of a smaller halo.

4. They are effortless to clean

Since there are fewer details around the center stone, there are also fewer fissures and areas for dirt to get into. This makes solitaire diamond rings the accessible way to keep clean with the least effort from the wearer.

Whether it’s a symbol of your love, the glorification of finding a lifelong partner, or the bliss of achieving a life goal, a solitaire diamond ring is an embodiment of expressing your love and admiration. When it comes to seeing the class a single diamond manifests standing all by itself, we can declare that less is definitely more.

There is a collection of solitaire diamond rings available in the market, which is amazing because you have many alternatives. However, this can be a problem sometimes since it becomes difficult to choose the perfect solitaire diamond for a certain festival.

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But, we bring to you the top factors to consider while buying Solitaire diamond engagement rings:

Consider the cut

The cut of a solitaire can influence its value to a great magnitude. You can contemplate the cut as the most important of the four factors. It tells you about the reflective quality and brilliance of the diamond. Round and square princess cut diamonds are among the most renowned diamond cuts selected for solitaire rings due to their classic clarity lines and unique sparkle.


Once you’ve decided the perfect cut, opting the color is the next step. Usually, colorless natural diamonds belong to quite high on the grade scale due to the gray, brown, and slight yellow tints being absolutely discreet to the naked eye. 


Most diamonds are known to have natural blemishes in them. These imperfections affect the clarity of a diamond. Sometimes they are not transparent to the naked eye. When you select your solitaire, try to get one that is high on the clarity grade. This means it will be low on imperfections.

Carat weight

The carat relates to the weight of your solitaire measured in metric carats. One carat is equal to 1/5 gram. It is further split into 100 points. Note that the carat has no effect on the beauty of the diamond, but it can greatly ascertain its price. Also, two stones of equal carat weight can vary much in value. This is due to the difference in their cut, color, and clarity. 

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