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Adventure Sports in Manali that will Make Your Heart Racing

Adventure is something that is unusual from your daily acts. The real adventure sports change the graph of your body temperatures and heartbeats. And it is considered one of the most adventurous destinations in India. Manali is one of them and offers various adventure sports that are enough to give stun and thrill you.

Here is the handpicked list of famous adventure sports that one can enjoy in the destination of Manali:

1- Paragliding

Conquer the amazing mountains and talk to the lush green valleys while flying through them doing Paragliding. One must tell his fearing heart to get ready while doing this after all this is one of the most thrilling adventures in Manali.

Note: Amateurs will be guided and accompanied by the professionals and can glide for a span of 1-2 minutes, while experienced gliders can stretch it to the time of 30 minutes.

  • Level of Adventure: High
  • Where to try: Solang valley offers Paragliding, 13 km far from Manali

2- River Rafting

For those who have no fear and dare to achieve something big, River Rafting is definitely for them. The hardest challenge is to survive from bumps and the rapid spells come on the way. Before starting, the rafters are briefed with do’s and don’ts for a successful rafting session.

  • Level of Adventure: Depends on the weather and the current condition of water
  • Where to try: The rafting starts from Pirdi and goes to Jhidi

3- Skiing

Enjoy the speeds and curves of Skiing while doing it in the Solang Valley near Manali. One of the most popular sports in winter in Manali, Skiing can be done after a prior assistance and guidance. Places like Rohtang, Gulaba, and Dhundi also offer Skiing to its visitors.

  • Level of Adventure: Moderate
  • Where to try: Solang Valley, Marhi, and Gulaba

4- Hiking

Amidst vast options of experiencing the adventures, Hiking allows witnessing the lush green valleys, naturally formed trails, and serene landscapes. Also, Hiking allows you to reach the camp places in Manali for experiencing some more adventures.

  • Level of Adventure: Easy to Moderate
  • Where to Try: Various places such as Chandertal, Deo Tibba trek, Beas Kund, Solang Nalliah, Naggar, Malena, Manikaran, and Batal has adventurous trekking trails.

5- Mountaineering

If the breathtaking height fascinates one and attracts to come and conquer them, mountaineering is the perfect choice for them. The basic briefing is given by professionals before starting mountaineering by rookies so that they can easily face the hurdles and difficulties come on the way.

  • Level of adventure: Moderate to Difficult
  • Where to try: This interesting adventure sport can be accessed in Beas Kund, Hanuman Tibba, Manali Peak, and Deo Tibba trekking expedition.

6- Mountain Biking

Rush the difficult trails on two wheels amidst, dense forests, sloping valleys, and rugged terrains; that is called mountain biking, an adrenaline pumping adventure in Manali. One needs to be skilled over the handle of the cycle so that he can easily absorb the bumps and shocks coming on the way.

  • Level of Adventure: Easy to Moderate
  • Where to try: Start it from Manali and cross Rohtang Pass – Baralacha La Pass – Lachalangla Pass – Tangling La – Khaldun La and back to Manali

7- Zorbing

What about rolling and rolling in the circular transparent box on the meadow trails of Manali? Yes, It’s a giant rolling Ball which wraps you inside and takes you to the other end of the trail. This is kind of fun but doesn’t do it if you are suffering from some throwing problem.

  • Level of Adventure: Easy to moderate
  • Where to try: This interesting sport is available in Solang Valley

8- Jeep Safari

One of the highest ranked adventure sport, Jeep Safari takes travelers through breathtaking roads, made on the corners of the giant rocks in Manali. This is the sport allows you to enjoy the amazing height of the valleys on its one hand.

  • Level of Adventure: Easy to Moderate
  • Where to try: There are different routes but some famous of them are:
    • Lashaun – Spiti Valley
    • Manali – Rohtang Pass

Thousands of hundred people come and visit Manali every year to enjoy sports activities as the destination has numbers of thrilling adventures. Book your Manali adventure tour package and get the chance to live a different life and that is completely different from your daily hectic life.

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