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Ask someone to write your physics assignment. Benefits and drawbacks

Ask someone to write your physics assignment. Benefits and drawbacks

Are you troubled by your physics assignment too? Do you need some help? Millions of students worldwide consider physics one of the most difficult subjects they study. Hence it is natural if you feel you need some help while dealing with all the calculus and forces of gravity. It is also natural to think that asking for help even if you are unable to finish work on time is some form of cheating and dishonesty. If you feel so, read on…


If you think that getting some much-needed help for your physics assignment in your times of crisis is an evil act to commit, then consider these facts for a moment-

The inventor of homework Roberto Nevillis had the following things in mind when he introduced this revolutionary concept:

  1. Students should get a chance to study without burden.
  2. Trainees should get a chance to learn without judgment.
  3. Scholars should be able to choose their optimal hours of working.
  4. Students should learn to utilize all sources of help they can get while finishing.

While these intentions speak of a noble idea, it is also imperative to look at the effects rather than intent.

Studies show that 56 percent of students suffer from homework-induced stress. Hence, it is evident that this does more harm than good. And not to mention the fact that Roberto’s initial intent for inventing homework was not a noble one. He started homework not as a practice exercise but as a form of punishment for his students.

So do not worry, it is not evil to get help for your physics hw answers. But it still will not be fair if you do not consider both sides of a story.


  • Online websites can be a scam. So you might end up wasting a lot of time finding a good website that fits your requirements. It is difficult to find a trusted and reliable source who can complete your work properly on time.
  • Budgets can always be an issue in this case. A good homework help service will charge you for their service. On many occasions, this price is not according to the student’s allowance.
  • If you get someone else to do your work, you miss out on all the hard work you would have done on it. Homework, no matter how hard, takes effort. That effort makes sure that the student understands the concept behind the problem appropriately. So the next time a similar problem shows itself, the student will be able to tackle it with ease. This helps in the long learning process. So if you leave the homework on someone else entirely, you defeat the entire point of homework and miss out on the chance to learn.
  • You might end up wasting your time entirely. Since you have already given homework to be done by online services, you have the assurance that your work will be complete, on time, and without errors. This may result in you killing your productivity and procrastinating in the moments where you should be dedicating yourself to something worthwhile.
  • There is always a fear of plagiarism. Most online services aim to complete your physics assignment on time. Also, solutions to physics problems are so sought after, that more often than not, they’re available on the internet in some form or the other. Since online homework help is a business that aims to help as many students as they can and on time, there is always a possibility that your homework might just be a copy-paste.
  • Since you have not done your homework yourself, there is little chance you will know anything about it. So you might end up in trouble if your physics instructor ends up testing you about it.


  • You get to take some time off. Getting your homework done by trusted and reliable sources will help you take some well-earned breaks. You can use this break to enhance your overall productivity by focusing on sharpening other skills and subjects as well.
  • If you get help from a good service, you can be assured that experts in physics will do your work. This removes any doubts of errors from it.
  • Getting homework help in physics will also give you time to brush up on those concepts which were troubling you previously without worrying about completing your homework as well on time.
  • Most of the homework help websites are committed to finishing work on time compatible with the one asking for services, hence you will not have to worry about a deadline.
  • Many good homework help websites have a feedback system, where you can clear your doubts as well. This means you will not only have your homework completed on time, but also you will be able to clear your concepts about it.
  • Nowadays, the prices for getting your homework done are negotiable. SO you might not have to spend a lot of money altogether to get your work done with ease.

Therefore, getting help for your physics assignment has its fair share of pros and cons. When you have weighed them fairly, you can take up homework help to get some much-needed breathing space.

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