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Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Websites

Websites play an important role in expanding the customer base, branding, and enhancing user experience. If you own a website then you should be looking for suitable hosting services which meet your business needs. There are two types of VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting. Both of the hosting services are good but you have to select one based on your requirements. Coming to windows VPS hosting, it is a managed hosting where the OS used for the server is Windows. Although most of the public and private servers use Linux. Businessmen claim that windows are easier to use and it updates automatically. Therefore, makes it easier to manage the server. Moreover, you get to share responsibilities with the hosting service provider for maintaining the server. Most managed VPS hosting packages have this advantage.

Windows VPS hosting service is the highly recommended solution for entrepreneurs running an eCommerce website. However, you can use a Linux server as well but it will not work. VPS server hosting offered by windows is most suitable for an e-commerce website. Furthermore, running websites that are heavy on graphics and information need more disk space and bandwidth. Using VPS server hosting, you will get access to all the required features at affordable prices.

Features of Windows VPS hosting

Choosing windows VPS hosting for an e-commerce website is an affordable way of hosting a website. It is easy to use and even non-programmers can handle it easily. For scaling businesses and new entrepreneurs, windows VPS hosting can be one of the best investments. Even if you plan to upgrade or purchase another windows VPS hosting plan, you can do also. However, the costs will still be a fraction of what you would spend on a high-end hosting package.

With VPS server hosting, you are not alone when it comes to maintaining the system. Your VPS hosting service provider will be with you 24X7X365. Additionally, they will provide you much needed technical support. Apart from technical assistance, windows VPS hosting also updates itself automatically whenever developments are made. Hence you do not have to worry about manually tweaking your server whenever updates are available.

Additionally, most windows server host offers startup tools that you can use to build your eCommerce website. Startup tools are very useful, even programmers use them for making tasks easier. Moreover, you do not need vast knowledge of setting up a website and maintaining it. You will have access to one-click installation tools for your assistance.

Why not VPS server Linux?

Linux is the best platform for people who know how to program, build and maintain servers. However, all the processes need to be done manually without relying on the technical support team. Moreover, it is an open-source program thus it suits tech-savvy people. If you are just starting online and you want to build your online then go for Windows VPS hosting. Though, for businesses and e-commerce websites, VPS hosting is an ideal choice. It helps you in building your online presence and expanding your user base.


If you are an eCommerce website owner and wish to expand your services in the future, then go for Windows VPS hosting. Additionally, you will also get several features like technical support, high uptime. It also offers unlimited disk storage is suitable for growing businesses. Investing in VPS hosting is always the best choice for website owners who have just started on the internet. They will have access to

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