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Dedicated Server in India- A Step Guide to Pick The Best Service Provider

Are you considering shifting from an existing web hosting plan to a dedicated server? Well, it is the best way to make things easier while also making your hosting more safe and secure. For this, it is necessary to have a clear idea of business requirements before choosing a cheap dedicated cloud server. Several businesses prefer a dedicated server as it gives them ownership of hardware and computer’s operating system. However, picking the best provider is always your best bet as it will make your job more easy.

Most companies consider using a dedicated server in India, as it’s highly secure and valuable to your company’s success. When it comes to email marketing, a dedicated SMTP server is also required along with a dedicated server. There are endless server providers accessible today. Therefore you need to be extremely cautious when selecting the best servers. 

The finest dedicated server providers provide a safe and dependable environment that effortlessly and continuously runs your organization. The perspectives on safety may vary. Since, for a long time, dedicated servers will become the core of your business, do not forget to consider the following criteria when making your decision: 


  • What are your requirements? 
  • Is there a need for a single node or large nodes in the organization?
  •  Which components/entities does your company depict? 

This guide will shed light on the most crucial factors to think about before picking the providers for the best dedicated server in India. Let’s get started!

4 Factors to Consider When Picking Best Dedicated Server in India

  • Performance

It will help if you read the testimonials to see about the performance of a dedicated server provider. Indeed, the performance of a dedicated server plays a significant role in making a decision. A server that only transports information at a slow rate would restrict what your company could do in the long run by narrowing the quantity of data you can share at any given time.

When selecting a dedicated server provider in India, the most crucial aspect to consider is how they handle any outages. However, because a single server is always a weak point, you must decide if you are willing to accept the impact on production if you lack the option of scaling to multiple dedicated servers. A dedicated server assures you that business resources are not going to be shared with third parties.

  • Scalability 

Another important consideration when choosing a dedicated server provider is scalability. Whenever you set up a business, you don’t do it to keep it the same size for the rest of its life; you do it to grow and become more successful. What is the scalability of their app? Is it easy to add extra servers, and will this enhance the business?

On the other hand, a giant corporation necessitates a large labour force, which more demanding technical specifications must support. It makes no real difference whether you use a dedicated server or a cloud configuration if scaling is straightforward for business. However, a few apps are difficult to expand across several devices. Because a database should be synchronized across all database servers, verifying that it is operating on separate servers is testing. It might even be simpler to relocate the database to a server with additional processing power, RAM, and storage space.

  • Flexibility

The beneficial aspect of using a dedicated server is that you become the sole administrator. Thus, only you can count on security boundaries. Since you may acquire these IP-based constraints to enable the service provider, you can adjust the Plesk login panel with SSH and WHM. 

The dedicated server in India is highly adaptable and configurable. Check with the provider whether they can tailor your web hosting to meet your specific company needs. 

Also, you can install additional firewalls, system functions, and useless ports that can be disabled easily. You also get access to different malware detection techniques to install.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Choosing the right supplier is crucial to ensuring that dedicated servers work well. A dependable provider will give you lots of servers that host reliably and cheaply. It helps you to grow your business without any problems. The customer support provided by a service is the next crucial point to consider. 

Thus, choosing a service that lacks the potential of 24*7 help will disturb your business. Ultimately, your business will suffer a significant loss. So, check properly if the hosting company is dynamic and responsive quickly and giving solutions to your queries.


The above mentioned are only a few imperative factors to consider before deciding on the perfect dedicated server provider. Dedicated server hosting allows users to host their websites on a single server. Undoubtedly, this hosting provides greater control over the server’s assets, which is good for growing business. Do you want these servers for your company? If yes, consider Go4hosting- India’s most reputed web hosting service provider. 

Go4hosting is a reputed web hosting company in India that offers highly safe web hosting that is excellent for your site’s functionality. Go4hosting has extensive expertise operating dedicated servers in India and offers exceptional customer service. Contact us right away to know our dedicated server price!

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