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Best Dubai beaches to hit with the family or independently

Middle eastern emirate Dubai is well known for numerous things and long-lasting, endless beaches are amongst them. Dubai has the most exotic beaches with famous landmarks on the coastline of the beaches. Tourist visits the emirate exclusively to explore and to roam around the beaches. We must say without hitting Dubai’s beaches, Dubai tours will always remain vague.

Top Dubai beaches in Dubai

Sunset Beach

This little corner of the emirates is the place for the iconic hotel Burj Al Arab which is the only seven-star hotel. Capture the best moment during sunset with Burj al Arab view. You can even enjoy the most adventurous see activities in the afternoon. And most importantly, walking on the beach with a partner is the best thing that you can not miss. To explore these beaches you can rent a car with luxury car hire Dubai.

JBR Beach

The most luxurious JBR beach stands for Jumeirah Beach Residences. The perfect place to taste the different flavors and swimming is typically usual. The Jumeirah Residences offers world-class service for the whole family. So, you can take a break and have a short nap by forgetting all the tension and challenges you have in life. Moreover, kids can enjoy camel rides and other activities on the coastline of JBR beach.

La Mer

This newly developed beach is not at all less than paradise. This place is perfect for water activities, bars, and restaurants. White tiny particles of sand surrounded by palm trees make your day fascinating. This La Mer has divided into many subparts that allow you to rent luxury houses with private pools, and these houses are enclosed with excellent service, food, and drinks.

Kite Beach

If your only preference is to experience adventure with diverse water sports activities, Kite beach must be your reference point. In short, it is the perfect place for fun and sports enthusiast people. There are many terrestrial activities, such as volleyball, which lets you enjoy a day at the beach. Tired after the amusement? Stop at any of the local restaurants and buy yourself a snack. Also, this beach is the place for famous burger bars.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the artificial islands of the emirates. Due to its structure like a Palm tree, it is popularly known as The Palm Jumeirah.

You won’t find any public beaches, and all are either part of luxury residences or hotels. There is one White beach open for the public but charges a few dollars as an entry fee.

Marina Beach

It is one of the deluxe beaches near JBR. This section of the emirate is luxurious because all the landmarks of Dubai can be viewed from the Marina beach. And most importantly, you can find bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes just a few steps from the Marina. Enjoy your camel ride on the white-warm sand.

Ajman Beach

It is the hidden gem of Dubai and about a 40 km drive from the emirate. This spectacular Ajman beach is the first choice of many tourists and locals. It is far away from central Dubai you will find too much crowd here. So, it is the perfect place for people who just want to enjoy the sea view. You can even visit Ajman Museum near the beach.

Al Khan Beach

The long coastline of the Al khan beach offers every service such as bathrooms, changing rooms, bars, and restaurants. This beach is not public, and however, many enjoy their short walk on this iconic beach.

Open Beach

This Open beach is known as Jumeirah Public Beach. It is in the Jumeirah area. Despite an amorphous and undeveloped area, the beach offers all the facilities to its visitors. This place is publically open for locals and tourists as well. You won’t find any place to eat; still, you can book your dining at Mercato Mall, which has a lot of food options.

Sharjah Beach

Sharjah is one of the most visited places in Dubai and should definitely hold a place in your Dubai itinerary. It is the home for iconic architecture that will surely win your heart, and there are plenty of beaches in Sharjah that blows your mind.

Bottom line

Dubai is filled with numerous beaches and water activities. We have listed a few, but you will discover more in the emirate. All the listed beaches are well known for the services and ambiance they carry. So, hop on the plane to Dubai and hit the beaches with family.



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