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Breast Cancer in Mangalore: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Breast cancer has become one of the most widespread cancers today, and women in Mangalore are not spared from its devastating effects. If detected early, it can be treated and even cured, but many women with breast cancer do not seek treatment in time because they either don’t know they have the disease or they don’t realize the symptoms they’re experiencing are related to it. Learn more about breast cancer and its causes, prevention methods, and treatments by reading the rest of this article below.

Know about breast cancer

There are two main types of breast cancer (and even more subtypes) that we’ll look at here. One is called invasive ductal carcinoma. The other is known as infiltrating lobular carcinoma. Both can be treated successfully, but it’s important to know what causes them and how you can help prevent them from developing.

Watch out for symptoms

Signs of breast cancer may include a new lump or thickening in your breast or armpit. Some women also experience nipple changes such as an inverted nipple or a discharge from a nipple. In some cases, you might notice a rash on your body that does not go away. Other symptoms to watch out for include dimpling of skin over your collarbone and upper chest as well as redness or tenderness underneath one of your breasts.

How is it diagnosed?

Breast cancer is usually diagnosed by a screening mammogram or an exam by a doctor. During a screening mammogram, an X-ray technician places a specialized device on your breast that produces X-rays. The images are sent to a radiologist, who evaluates them for signs of abnormality. If abnormalities are present (which may indicate breast cancer), doctors might recommend further testing—including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasounds—to determine whether additional biopsies are needed.

Who are at risk?

The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age; most cases occur after age 50. Women have a higher risk than men do. In addition to being at increased risk for breast cancer because of these factors, some women are at an increased risk because they carry a gene mutation that results in an abnormal protein that promotes cancer growth. These mutations are uncommon and account for only a small percentage of all breast cancers.

What causes breast cancer?

There is no specific cause of breast cancer. Many researchers believe that it is a combination of genetics, environment and lifestyle that can lead to breast cancer. Genetic factors explain why some women are more likely to develop breast cancer than others. Environmental factors may also play a role.

How can I prevent breast cancer?

The best way to prevent breast cancer is through routine checkups. The American Cancer Society recommends that all women get an annual clinical breast exam by a professional (ideally during or after their period, when it’s easier to detect changes), as well as yearly mammograms starting at age 40. Breast self-exams are also important.

Can it be cured?

Breast cancer treatment depends on several factors including your age, health history, type of cancer and even where it is located. Thankfully with advanced treatment options, most breast cancers can be cured if detected early enough. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t take any of these treatments lightly — make sure to consult with a medical professional before deciding which plan to go with.

When should I consult a doctor?

If you notice a lump or some other kind of irregularity in your breast tissue. Any change to your normal breast that worries you—it’s best to speak with a doctor right away. The longer you wait to see a doctor after noticing something off, it becomes more difficult for him or her to diagnose and treat. Most Breast Cancer Mangalore cases can be effectively treated if they are caught early on; however, a mammogram is often required for doctors to accurately determine if something is wrong.

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