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Web Development

Can I Become A Web Developer? What Skills Do I Need?

‘Anyone can be a Designer.’

If you want to become a web designer, you can. It would help if you merely had passion and dedication.

Am I right in choosing Web Development as a career for me?

Test Yourself at LEVEL 1

Are You Passionate About Coding? 

If you can afford to keep your head stuck in code, you can become a web developer.

Do You Have Problem Solving Skills? 

Moreover, if you think you have good problem-solving skills, you must get into this field. Being a developer, we experience problems every day. Being good developers, we must know how to get them solved.

Do You Have Patience & Perseverance? 

A developer devotes maximum of his time to fixing the things which are not working. Sometimes, a day is not enough to fix them: you’ll have to save two or more days. Can you keep the next level of patience?

Can You Communicate Well? 

People in large numbers strongly believe in a myth that says, “An introverted personality can come out to be a great web developer.”

No, that’s not true.

You have to be good at communication if you have an in-house business. Besides that, you must know – ‘How to communicate well to explain your project or your point of view to a client’.

Reached to LEVEL 2

Once you have successfully crossed Level 1, it’s time for Level 2. Here you have to test yourself by skills:

Language Learning 

For effective web development, you need to be fluent in these three core languages – HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Language  Why is it necessary? 
HTML Creates Web Structure
CSS Visual Representation
Javascript To Make Pages Interactive

Library & Framework 

Working with HTML, CSS & Javascript can become hectic and time-consuming. A lot of the time, we need to hush. Using Libraries & Frameworks can help us speed up the web development process. Bootstrap and JQuery can help to speed up the process.

Git and GitHub

It is rare to witness success in One-Time-Coding. A lot of changes are required in the single code. What if you want to see the last change you made in the code?

In this situation, Git can help you.

Developers need GitHub, which serves as a repository hosting service, enabling teamwork and collaboration.

OPTIONAL: Designing Software 

It is entirely optional for you to learn graphic design softwares. You can learn Adobe Photoshop, as you need graphics to fill those empty spaces in the web structure.

Do I Need To Get Certified? 

If you want to gain long-term and high-paying projects, you must have a certification to convince your clients that you are good at what you do. This is the main reason that all the web developers of Kinex Media are certified and recognized by the international organizations.

Final Comments!

Are you an aspirant to become a website designer? If yes, then check yourself based on the two levels mentioned above. If you want to become a successful and nicely paid web developer, I suggest getting your skills polished in all the aforementioned spheres.

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