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  • Digital MarketingBusiness website creation and monitoring basics

    Business website creation and monitoring basics

    Today, every business, even a small startup, has its own website. Without access to online users in the modern world, no company can survive. In this case, even the website of a small private company should be as informative as possible. As well as filled with useful content and, most importantly, should work stably 24 hours a day, 7 days…

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  • Web Developmentweb developer

    Can I Become A Web Developer? What Skills Do I Need?

    ‘Anyone can be a Designer.’ If you want to become a web designer, you can. It would help if you merely had passion and dedication. Am I right in choosing Web Development as a career for me? Test Yourself at LEVEL 1 Are You Passionate About Coding?  If you can afford to keep your head stuck in code, you can…

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