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Business website creation and monitoring basics

Today, every business, even a small startup, has its own website. Without access to online users in the modern world, no company can survive. In this case, even the website of a small private company should be as informative as possible. As well as filled with useful content and, most importantly, should work stably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business website for starters

No website is made out of thin air. In order for the website to be effective and perform all the functions required of it, you need to make a clear business plan for its development. It should contain all the necessary functionality, and at the same time be lightweight and optimized. You should fully understand why you need this or that function, and how to implement it correctly. Make a business plan gradually. Determine exactly how your website should turn out, which methods of promotion are suitable for it, how exactly it will enter your business process, how to correctly link it with your company’s strategy, its main goals and objectives.

Choose suitable and stable web hosting

Web hosting is a service for providing resources on the server. Or, in other words, it provides disk space and hardware to store and use all the files and data necessary for the proper functioning of the website. And if the server does not cope with its task, the user simply will not be able to use the resource. Therefore, choosing a reliable hosting is very important. Because its servers will work without interruptions, providing round-the-clock processing of requests to the Internet resource.


When searching for a hosting provider, you often come across tempting offers at a low price or even for free. Perhaps you want to launch a business website in test mode. Free hosting in this case will help you save money. However, if a web project is designed for a large audience and the risks are extremely undesirable, you should focus primarily on the reliability of the provider, the quality of services, and not on the price.

The choice of hosting services should be approached comprehensively. Trust your website only to reliable suppliers. Evaluate the technical capabilities of the website. And choose the best option for your web project. A website hosted on a good hosting service will work as a well-established mechanism that saves the owner time and nerves.

Decide on the website creation platform

The choice of a platform for a website depends on business objectives, functional requirements and, in general, on the complexity of the project. If the task is to create a website with the possibility of further updating, support and administration, there are two ways. To develop a website on a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!, or to assemble it in one of the web-designers.

Another important aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing a platform for a website is the ability to customize the template and individual website blocks in accordance with your vision and business objectives. Once you have decided on the choice of platform and identified the tasks that the website should solve, it will be easy to compile a list of key tools and functions for the implementation of these tasks.

Create user-friendly website design and functionality

Website design should help the client to solve the issue that brought him to you as quickly as possible. If you are a furniture manufacturer, a website visitor is unlikely to come with the intention of pleasantly passing the time by reading a longrid about the values and mission of your company on the main page. He is more likely interested in the catalog and characteristics of the goods, the price list, the region and the cost of delivery or a map of the way to the warehouse.


Think about the website upgrade possibilities

Make sure that after a few years your website will not become ”cramped” on the chosen platform. For example, today you do not need CRM, since it is not involved in your business processes. But perhaps you are planning to reach a new level, where automation and optimization of CRM communications cannot be done without, in a year or two. If yes, it is worth making sure that the functionality of the platform corresponds not only to the immediate goals. But it should also correspond with the intended goals, and contains the necessary features.

Business website stability for starters

If your business website is unstable, it will lose potential customers as well as advertising and search queues’ ranking. Therefore, you will lose money. So you need to ensure that your website is as stable as possible. So, to ensure a high level of stable operation of the business website, you need to provide round-the-clock monitoring of its performance and bandwidth. Otherwise you will not be able to effectively and quickly cope with the problems that arise.

Website monitoring is one of the most important procedures. It is vital because of the many problems, especially when the website suddenly closes down. In this case, the webmaster needs to do many different checks to find out what is going on. There are a huge number of tools that can help webmasters deal with this chore. But they tend to be manual and independent of each other.

Unfortunately, the fact is that there are almost no solutions that would allow you to perform all the checks at once. With the exception of automated monitoring systems, physical or virtual, provided by a third party. And there are some convenient services to work with. Those will allow you to do all monitoring sequences at once and automatically. Moreover, you will be able to schedule your routines however you want. One of such services, best among them, is HostTracker, and it is intended for use by both beginners and professionals.


In general, HostTracker is an online and fully automated monitoring tool. It includes a huge number of services that every website owner may need. And it allows you to monitor any website from all available angles. This toolkit includes a worldwide network of access points and many useful services. Up to providing global monitoring from more than 140 access points around the world to ensure the availability of the website worldwide.

By signing up, you will receive a free 30-day trial. And you will be able to learn how to add and configure automatic sequences for monitoring your website. To make sure that your website is running stable and uninterrupted, you first need to add a few checks to the schedule. Then configure them the way you want. And add your preferred messenger or messengers as notification methods.

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