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Can I Track My Cellphone Usage Record With Android Spyware

Ever thought after laying on bed at night, about how unproductive your day was or how much time of the day you wasted. I am doing this for some days and believe me it is not cool. The list of to-do’s are constantly increasing whereas the things that are done are very limited. Well, the next thing was to find out the wasting source and well I found out that it’s the cellphone. I was using the cellphone way too much than normal and that too in useless activities. I mean using too many cell phones would be good if I am at least catching up with old friends, calling my mother back home more frequently, and more. But the bitter reality is that I am always wasting my time in useless activities.

The recent incident was enough to make me realize that this habit should not be just left alone now. I was being addicted to this thing called cell phone way too much and that cost me a whole project. I missed the deadline just because I was busy with some useless group activity. That was the biggest shock. So I knew that verbal planning and commitment will not work again for me I needed some forceful action and that’s when I was told about the Android spyware the OgyMogy. The app does wonder for parents and employers but is also a big companion for people who want to use it for themselves. It was one of the best decisions of my life and now I am trying to be more punctual, disciplined all thanks to the spy app technology.

Want to know how all of this was unfolded. Here is how.

Screen Activity Report Can Open Your Eyes:

I don’t know much about your screen time but I was spending almost 7-8 hours on useless browsing on the web and overall smart gadgets. Yes for the record,  productive usage may be only one or two hours. Thus that was enough to cut down the whole screen time thing. The OgyMogy android spyware offers a screen monitoring feature that lets the user know about all the screen activities of the person in the form of screenshots and short videos. Maybe a video will open your eyes about how much you waste on your cellphone per day.

Schedule Plans and Get notified:

The app has access to the built-in calendar activities. You can notify about all the plans and reminders and it can help the user in so many ways. Since the missing deadline incident, I was looking for anything that can help me with my plans and it did me great help.

Timestamp Information is a Better Help:

All the information is saved with timestamp information. Thus you can get a full-fledged report on how much time you waste to do what kind of activity and what time of working hours that was supposed to be spent with work was spent in playing games or more.

Data Backup Of All the Snaps:

The OgyMogy offer social media and instant messenger chat apps monitoring features in detail. That means you can keep the social media data saved on the web portal of the app for yourself. Yes, that include the deleted content or even the self-destructive photos or snaps of Snapchat.

Know-How Much Time You Wasted On Youtube And Instagram:

Youtube spy app and Instagram spy app are some of the social media monitoring features. The best part is all the relevant activities are saved and that can help you keep the record straight.

Keep An Eye On Your Gaming Habits:

The app keeps the insights of all the installed apps for the user. You can keep a leash on your gaming habits as well thanks to the spy app.

The use of android spyware may sound a little dramatic to some of you but the thing is it is not something illegal. One can use the spyware apps for themselves, for the minor kids, and the employees as well. Though the last one comes with some conditions like you can only install the app on company-owned devices. Feel free to get the app for yourself as I believe everyone should try this Technology at least once.



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