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Common Things You Must Consider While Online GST Registration

According to the GST registration online, you need to first find out whether you are eligible to get yourself registered under the goods and service tax or not. Though there happen to be different kinds of registration, you must know the proper steps to register yourself under the GST to receive the benefits and decrease the possibility of penalties.

The GST registration online usually takes place between two to seven working days. As you apply for the registration online, you have to go through three easy steps to obtain the registration. You can easily choose the online GST portal to get the registration. The business owner needs to fill up a form on the GST portal and dually submit it along with the necessary documents required for the registration. The business must complete the goods and service tax registration process as it is a criminal offense to carry out the business without registering for the goods and service tax.

Eligibility criteria

Before implementing the goods and service tax, individuals registered under the tax services need to get themselves registered under the goods and service tax. However, individuals are willing to pay the tax under the reverse charge mechanism.

Also, business people who supply goods through the E-Commerce aggregator need to apply for GST registration. You can also get the registration of GST on advance payment that you need to make to the experts who would get you the registration.

Types of registration

Under the Goods and Service Tax Act, you can get yourself registered under different kinds of registration. Most business falls under the category of normal taxpayer. You do not have to provide any deposit for becoming a normal taxpayer. There happens to be no expiry date for these people who fall under this category.

Besides, you can also categorize the casual taxable person. These persons are the individuals who want to set up seasonal stalls or shops. They need to deposit and advance payment that is equal to the expected goods and service tax liability. The goods and service tax registration duration under this particular category happens to be three months. But if you want to renew or extend the registration, you can do it by taking proper legal help.

Want can also apply for the GST composition scheme. You need to make a flat payment under a particular category. The taxpayer cannot obtain the input tax credit under this particular category.

In the case of a non-resident taxable person, you need to be living outside the country but supply goods and services to individuals who happen to stay inside the country. It is quite similar to the casual taxable person’s goods and service tax. Here, you will have to pay a deposit equal to the goods and service tax liability that is expected when you get the business register under the goods and service tax. The duration of this kind of registration happens to be nearly three months, but you have the provision to renew or extend it on the advancement of its expiry date.

Exemption from the registration

There are certain business organizations or individuals who are exempted from the process of registration. Businesses that manufacture supplies under the reverse charge do not have to get themselves registered. Businesses dealing with aviation turbine fuel, natural gas, electricity, petrol, and even agriculturist are exempted from registering their business under the goods service tax.

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