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Discover The Styling Tips For 5×7 Rugs

The easiest way to change the look of your home is by changing area rugs. A slight change in the floor covering brings massive change in the outlook of a space. Rugs are versatile items in interior decor. It has the property of adding color to changing the dimension of the area in a single touch. Either small or large, neutral or vibrant, thick or thin, an area rug is the perfect piece of adornment for your home. It is an accessory that never goes out of use. A multi-purpose accessory, rugs are the main supportive element of your home style. Each size of the rug is chosen according to your space best. In this article, we will discover the styling tips for 5×7 rugs.

Essential Rug Tips

However, rugs are essential in many ways. A single styling mistake can ruin the whole purpose. A rug can be put while keeping the basic rules and styling tips in mind. Also, before buying a rug, make sure your homework is complete. You know about its purpose in your home, the place you want to put it, and the lifestyle of your home. Material is the foremost important thing while getting a rug. Also, too large or too small will spoil the room’s look. Patterns, design, and texture should also be kept in mind for the kitchen or bathroom; thick consistency is a terrible idea. 

Here we put up some essential rugs styling tips for your convenience.

  • Scale is important while getting a rug. The first step in rug-hunting is to measure the rope and then buy one according to its size. The best length for a room is 16 to 18 inches smaller than the room size. The dining halls should cover the whole seating area, while for the living room, at least the front legs of the furniture should be on the rug. You can play around with the sizes in the bedrooms. 
  • Never go for a dark shade of area rugs for the dark theme. For a light theme of the room, go for a dark rug, and a darker go for a soft color rug. 
  • For the kitchen and bathroom, go for thin piles and a rug pad underneath.
  • Wool, silk, and animal skin is the ideal rug material for bedrooms. 
  • For layering, never choose the same colors or patterns. Go for complementary shades and designs.

Styling 5×7 Rugs In Each Room

5×7 rugs are square area rugs. They can be best for any part of your home. Placing a rug in its proper place brings out the extra charm of it. Rug placement is tricky but Styling it with basic techniques and tips never makes your decor wrong or unorganized. We don’t frighten you from experimenting but just suggest a bit of help in the rug styling process.

Here are some Top 6 decorative lights to set the mood.

  • 5×7 Rugs for the Living Rooms

Living rooms are the front rooms of the house. This is the central area of the home where you spend most of your time. While decorating it, comfort should be at the top. A square rug is a perfect piece for your floors as it covers the area in the best way. A rug for the living room should be thick and smooth as the snack particles often fall on it. Also, easy-to-clean material is a must for this area. To place a rug in the living room, the ideal style is to put the three-seater sofa’s front legs on the rug and the other two sofa’s legs off the rug. A coffee table in the center will enhance the look of the room.

  • In the Dining Room

Besides beauty and style, a rug in the dining room has many other benefits. It protects the floor from scratches and wear and tear, provides a comfortable mealtime environment, gives a cozy feel to your feet, and selecting a soothing color brings relaxing and positive vibes to your dining place. 

A dining room rug must complement the shape of the table. A square rug of size 5×7 is perfect for rectangular or square tables only. Putting a square rug under the round table will give it an untidy and unpleasant look. Simultaneously, go for dark shades and patterns for the dining area as these area rugs are more prone to stains and spots. The rug should cover enough space so that the chair movement should be accessible on it. If possible, don’t forget a rug pad in the dining area to make furniture movement easy and wrinkle-free. 

  • Bedroom Rug of Size 5×7

Bedrooms are your favorite place in your home. Anyone wants it to decorate according to its style and priorities. While teens often prefer an anime theme, elders go for a white or beige look. With any sort of interior in your room, a rug is a must. It is a complimentary item to your room design. A room without area rugs looks incomplete and unorganized. To properly place a rug in the bedroom, it should be positioned so that at least one foot should be visible at the foot of the bed. You can also style a square rug on the side of the bed for a large bedroom. Shag, Moroccan, wool, and silk are the perfect materials for bedroom decor. 

  • Layering Rugs

Once you layer the rugs, it becomes addictive. You will never go through a single rug then. Layering is the key to style and comfort. At the same time, It will make your floor like cotton candy soft. If you are a fan of cozy floors, layering is the style you desire. For a large room, layer a rug of 5×7 with a wall-wall carpet or a giant rug of the same shape. You can also layer a square rug with a small round or square rug in the living room or bedroom. 


Rugs are the key to coziness and comfort. Besides beauty, they are major comfort items in your home. Getting 5×7 rugs for your home from RugKnots is an excellent and wise investment. This medium size rug of vivid hues and intrinsic patterns will make your space magnificent and eye-catching.

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