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Top 6 Decorative Lights to Set the Mood

Lights are not just meant to help us see or work. Sometimes, we just like to throw up our legs, relax, and enjoy the beautiful garden lit by decorative lighting. Sometimes we go to parties and end up sitting under a beautiful lit up chandelier. While sometimes we appreciate the star-shaped LED lights hung behind the birthday boy or girl.

Lights don’t  have to be plain and boring, they can be interesting, exciting and fun. Often, we see kids playing with switches. Sometimes we capture a glimpse of adults clapping again and again because they find motion sensor lights amusing.

Recently, the most commonly used decorative lights happen to be led strip lights. These can be used at the edge of your bed, the doors of your car or the stairs leading to your home. They beautify everything they are attached to!

  1. Illuminating Wall Sconces

The best way to give your home or restaurant a rustic ancient look but still have enough visibility is to get wall sconces. Wall sconces look like the old oil lamps that people used to carry in their hands in earlier times. But they have a modern look with a single bulb placed within.

This bulb can be of nickel brown colour and its beautiful structure casts a long magnificent shadow that supplements the wall scone.

The entire structure is made of a strong metal painted in black. And in the centre lies a glass enclosure containing the bulb. This structure is hung on a metal hook attached to a metal base which is in turn attached to the wall.

It is strong and sturdy yet looks small and dainty.

  1. The Dainty Lamps

Another form of decorative light that is simple yet elegant. Lamps range from table to floor lamps.

Small lamps can be placed on wooden tables. They can be used for work or just to enhance the atmosphere around. They have a small bulb, and the type of covering on them will decide the type of design or decoration they present. Some of such lamps have cut out shapes in the covering which cast a beautiful shadow in the form of the design.

Floor lamps are usually tall and create a presence in the room like you are not alone. They are welcoming and come in wonderful designs.

  1. The Splendour of the Chandelier

The most beautiful are the chandeliers. They may be made of glass or wood or metal but always have crystals and small pieces that hang upon the structure. They can be very big or small. When light passes through the glass or those crystal structures it shimmers and shines everywhere, creating beautiful patterns on the walls and the floor.

They are super attractive and impress guests.

  1. Fans With Lights

A new trend that has come up in recent times is installing ceiling fans with lights. These lights might work using an attached string. They may also be remote-controlled or attached to the fan circuit.

They move with the fan and cast a beautiful shadow. He save space as they are attached right to the fan.  He also act as a small chandelier and thus make it cost-effective.

  1. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights may be the most innovative yet smooth lights. They come in different patterns and designs especially in a cone-like structure with long edges. These hang from the ceiling like a pendant. They have a single bulb inside.

They are specifically to put a focus or circle of light on the table or ground below. Thus, they can be used to focus on a particular object or are placed in cafes to highlight the food.

  1. String Lights

Lastly, let’s not forget the string lights. These can be curled up, pulled into a straight line, hung on a tree or the roof of the house, bundled in a glass bottle or attached with photographs.

These lights have tiny bulbs which come in different shapes and sizes and they focus small areas of light on the object they are put on.

They are perfect for small memorable events and can also be used for photography.

The Bottom Line

Decorative lighting is as important as normal lights. They create a change of atmosphere and set the mood. These may vary from decorative led lighting to lamps and wall sconces. Other than pleasing ourselves, they also impress guests and clients. Decorative lights light up other areas of life that normal lights can’t like partying, having fun, enjoying a peaceful dinner and highlighting the most memorable moments.

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