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 Drawing an Elf on the Shelf Step by Step Tutorial  

 Drawing an Elf on the Shelf: There is no magical time like Christmas during the year. Many signs surround this festive time of year, such as Christmas trees in the house and yard decorations. Another clue to this time is the Elf on the Shelf tradition. It can be fun to make some festive crafts to get in that Christmas mood, and it can be fun to learn how to draw an Elf on the Shelf! Fortunately, this guide will show you how it’s done! Tutorial  

You can also learn to draw more drawing ideas like blossom sketches, funny pictures, 3D illustrations, bird drawings, topography drawings, creature drawings, car drawings, nature drawings, and many more. We hope you have a lot of fun working with us on this step-by-step guide on how to draw an elf on the Shelf.

 Drawing an Elf on the Shelf? Let us begin:

Step 1

For this first step in our guide on how to draw an Elf on the Shelf, we’ll take it from the top! This means literally, as we will work on the Elf’s head and hat. The cap will be drawn along a curved line causing it to fall slightly to the side. Then, it will have a floppy rectangle as a base to show the edge of the hat. Then, once you’ve finished the hat, you can outline the face by drawing some hair on the sides. That’s it for this step, and you’re good to go!

Step 2

This part of your Elf on the Shelf drawing will see you add some facial details to your Elf’s face! You can employ some easy circles for the eyes and add smaller circles inside them for the pupils. Next, you can use some simple lines for the Elf’s nose and smiling mouth. Finally, you can finish this step by adding some ears to the sides of the head.

Step 3

We’re leaving the head for now, and you can start making the costume in this step of our guide on how to draw an elf on the Shelf. For now, we’ll draw the large collar of the Elf’s shirt. The bottom of the collar will have some sharp edges, so you can use wavy lines to make those spikes. That’s all we’ll do for this step, so next, we’ll move on to more of the Elf’s clothing.

Step 4

An Elf on the Shelf is known for its floppy limbs, and we’ll add some floppy arms to your Elf on the Shelf drawing in this next step. You can use rough curved lines from the Elf’s shoulders to do this. These arms will be relatively thin and gangly, so remember when you draw.

The component on the right will be resting on the surface the Elf is sitting on, while the arm on our left will be resting on the Elf’s lap. This is how we drew the arms, but you can change the positioning slightly if you like!

Step 5

It’s almost time to bring some pretty festive colors to your drawing, but before you do, there are some final details to add to this guide on how to draw an Elf on the Shelf. The main elements we will add will be the Elf’s legs, but before adding them, you can use some small rounded forms for the hands.


You can then utilize two squares for the strap hook and spread two lines from the hook for the belt strap. Then, you can use a few more lines down the lap to make the Elf’s floppy legs. You can complete off his shoes by using some round triangles at the back of the legs. Without the Shelf, this Elf is just an elf, so you can draw the Shelf using some straight lines underneath it! This will do for the details in this guide, but before you go to the last step, you can add any details of your own! Maybe you can draw some of your favorite Christmas decorations with the Elf.

Step 6

This final step of your Elf on the Shelf drawing is about adding great color. Christmas period is used with colors like red, green, and silver, which we have operated in our image. This is only one way to move about it; you can use any color you like for this image! You can also add some extra Christmas magic to this photo by adding crafts and other fun art tools. If you have some glitter or glue, it will give your drawing a Christmas glow!


Your Elf on the Shelf drawing is complete!

We hope you had a lot of fun working with us on this guide on how to draw an Elf on the Shelf! This guide offered that tackling this drawing challenge can be easier than expected and a lot of fun! After finishing this guide, you can continue and add your elements and details. We’d love to see your Christmas decorations on the shelves with this Elf. Be sure to let your imagination flow and see what great results you come up with!

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