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Digital Marketing

Engage Your Website Visitors with Instagram Widget

Instagram is the hub for millions of people daily who check the app more than a few times or at least once a day which shows how it is highly addictive for people. When there is a platform with high audience engagement, you can bring this engagement to your other brand platforms like websites.

By embedding Instagram feeds to your website, you can scale up its performance and results. How exactly? Let’s understand in detail the benefits of embedding an Instagram widget to your website.


Benefits of Using Instagram Widget on Website

1. Use it as a Social Proof and Build Trust 

With an Instagram widget, you can show user-generated content on your website. UGC will show how your customers/employees love your brand. Using UGC will help you gain new visitors’ trust because anyone who is looking to know more about your brand would be impressed to see that your brand is already loved and trusted by others. It will build their faith in your business, and they are more likely to take a chance to associate with your brand.

2. Increase Engagement

Website content is not updated every day, but the Instagram widget shows regularly updated content, which keeps your website visitor attentive to see the new content. If you are using UGC content on Instagram, your audience will be excited to see themselves get featured on your website. It will directly increase your website engagement and improve UGC generation on Instagram. So, with one Instagram widget, you can increase your website engagement and Instagram account engagement.

You can even run contests on Instagram and feature them on your website. This will also help you boost live engagement on Instagram and your website.

3. Add Visual Vibrancy to Your Website with Creative Content

Visuals engage a reader a lot more than text on the website. So, it is important to add visual elements that catch the attention of your website visitor. Adding Instagram Widget to your website will help you add a colorful vibrancy. You can customize all the Instagram posts, and you can add them in a way that they are arranged aesthetically using the tool. You can even design your widget with colors and themes to add visual appeal.

4. Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the technical aspects for assessing the website’s performance. Bounce rate, in simple terms, means the percentage of viewers who leave the website without taking action, such as making a purchase, signing up, filling the form, etc. Keeping a low bounce rate is a sign that your visitors are engaging with your website. 

Once you win your audience’s trust with UGC Instagram widget feeds, you can easily convert them. It will increase your conversions and reduce your bounce rate. (A pro-tip for you: Add the CTA button near the Instagram widget because the chances of converting your audience after they are convinced with your offer will be much higher.)

5. Increase Website Dwell Time

Dwell time is another factor that helps determine the engagement of the website. The time spent by users on your website after opening it from the SERPs is called the dwell time. If you add an Instagram widget on your website and present engaging content, it will help you hold the attention of the users and proportionally increase your website dwell time.

6. Improve Social Media Presence and Engagement

Your website engagement through the Instagram widget will also help you bring traffic to your Instagram page. You can use this opportunity to gain more followers and engagement on your Instagram posts and stories. It will add to your social media presence and give a boost to your account in the algorithm.


Examples of Global Brands Showcasing Instagram Feeds on Website

Porsche’s website features UGC from Instagram and other social media platforms. It has a separate section called Porche Live.

Isolated Talks ran an effective campaign on social media called #Sunday7Social and featured it on its website. It helped spread the message and increase engagement.

Mac Cosmetics has innovatively used UGC on its website homepage. They have collected UGC from Instagram and presented it with shoppable product galleries to increase their conversions. 

Eureka Street has also added shoppable UGC galleries on its website. The Instagram pictures give inspiration for home decor, and the shoppable tags help interested people directly view and buy the product after seeing it from the UGC gallery.


Are you ready to get started with an Instagram Widget?

Adding Instagram Widget to the website is very easy. But first, you need to select a widget tool that allows you to collect Instagram feeds and embed them on websites. Select a tool with premium features to make the best widget for your website.

Aim to add creative content to your Instagram widget so your audience is interested in seeing and engaging with it.

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