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Exceptional Gifts For Forever Friends

Friendship is the only relation which we get to choose. Life is incomplete without friends. With their unconditional love, care and support sometimes we tend to achieve the unachievable. Such friendships should be celebrated with exceptional gifts. Technical advancements especially with facilities like online cake delivery and online shopping have made the gifting experience broader and better.  If you have such friends in your life and want to give her something special, this list of gift-worthy items will surely suggest you.

Interlocked soul sister pendant

Beautiful bonds should be celebrated with surreal jewellery. An interlocked soul sister pendant gives the special feeling of holding that special friend and soul sister closer forever.

BFF customised pillow

From extra comfort to minute decorative details, artistic and fluffy pillows are a great gift for your ‘snuggle partner’ friend.

Fun coffee mugs

Coffee mugs with fun and quirky sayings are popular gifts as they never fail to disappoint the recipient. If your BFF has a thing for caffeine she would love the idea of enlivening the sport of each cup of coffee.

Charm bracelet

Elegant charm bracelet for good luck has a greater use of complimenting cute outfits with sparkly beads and charms. Give your bestie her first-ever personalised charm bracelet with intricate design.

Birth month stone jewellery

Jewellery is a thoughtful gift for any girl. Opting to give birth month stone jewellery to your favourite friend is a meaningful gesture of showing you care enough to give them something special.

F. R. I. E. N. D. S wall art

If you and your soul sister happen to be binge-watch buddies, obsessing hard over the popular sitcoms then  F. R. I. E. N. D. S wall art ranging from posters to photo frames will be a great gift for her.

‘Netflix buddies’ T-shirt

From sharing playlists to Netflix passwords, a special friendship calls for sexual presents. Nothing can be compared to a comfy tee for you and your bestie saying ‘Netflix buddies‘ to add on to your binge-watching spree.

Luscious cakes

Customised photo cakes with delicious frosting for the girl you look up to as a friend, sister and guide is a promising gift indeed. Make sure you don’t shy down from making experiments with the cake. Choose an online cake shop to find extraordinary designs.

Open when cards

Open when cards aren’t just gifts whose charm is lost after five minutes of unwrapping them. Instead, it is a surprise that uplifts moods. Open when cards generally come in packs, with one card specified for each mood. The cards are titled ‘open when sad’, ‘open when angry’, ‘open when carefree’ and so on.

Nostalgic 90 kit comics & board game

Gift your friend some good old nostalgia wrapped in time travelled paper! If your friend is a millennium, a nostalgic 90s kit comprising then-popular comics and miniature versions of board games will be about the box gift option.

Beautiful bonsai

A beautiful bonsai for the house or backyard garden will be cherished by your friend especially if she has an unreal life for greenery. Test your beautiful green thumb by giving her healthy bonsai in a pot.

Handmade card

Handcrafted artificial flower bouquet Flowers are the best gift but let’s be honest about their limited freshness. The purpose of a forever gift can rely on delicate flowers that will hardly remain beautiful for a day. Choose a handcrafted artificial flower bouquet with elaborate design and craftsmanship instead.


Funky rugs for a bedroom or studio is a nice gift for someone who loves to remain surrounded by colours.

Bluetooth headset

A branded Bluetooth headset for your music enthusiast best friend is the solution to your ‘choosing the perfect gift’ dilemma.


A branded Stellato or stylish lairs of pumps is the last thing your friend could expect to be inside the beautiful gift box. Take a reference  Sandal just to be sure of the size though.


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