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Food and Drink

Food needs children

Food for children

The favourite food for children is not what we always want them to eat, but sometimes we can give them from time to time, although it is essential to know that dinner should be light but provide all the nutrients needed along with 20% of daily calories. If you want to know about cat coloring pages then click here.

It is good always to differentiate the food they take for lunch from dinner. Because that way, the dish will be perfect. But if you do not want to spend a lot of time cooking, then you can bet on this evening that the kids will love what we are showing you now. Quick and delicious tips you can prepare in the blink of an eye.

1 Meat roll: in the middle of a dinner that kids love
2 Zucchini lasagna and chicken
3 Bread with tuna and gratin cheese
4 Carrots and fish cream
5 Fish croquettes and mashed potatoes

Meat roll:

The meat roll, flamenquín, is always one of the great tips for having dinner or snacks. Of course, you can prepare it in many ways (as you can make it with ham and cheese), but in this case, you will need a loaf of bread in which you place a piece of cooked ham or Serrano ham and wrap it. Now it is time to pass it through the beaten egg and breadcrumbs to set. Do you have an air fryer? It will be much healthier. You can enjoy it with a little salad.

Zucchini lasagna and chicken

As a general rule, we know that vegetables are always a cross for our young ones. Therefore, we must create a little way to make ourselves and, above all, show them. In this case, it is the lasagna that they will not be able to deny. To do this, you should start by cutting the zucchini into pieces, and you can cook a little on the grill. When you have it, you need to add a layer of zucchini, one layer of chicken (in pieces or pieces), and natural tomatoes sauces. You can add cheese and gratin to get a delicious result.

Bread with tuna and gratin cheese

One of the favourite food for children is this. Because instead of having a high-quality sandwich, there is nothing like being carried with a touch of melted cheese. You can put a slice of sliced ​​bread and a mixture of tuna with a bit of mayonnaise and tomato sauce. On it, the cheese is small, and you take it to the gratin for a few minutes. You will have a full dinner in just two minutes!

Carrot and fish cream

Of course, not all children are interested in vegetables or fish. But like dinner, this mixture becomes one of the most delicious and has a lot of nutrients food for children. Therefore, we must find another way to appease them; carrots can be one of them. If the separation does not do much, you can always introduce the fish pieces in the cream. Maybe this way, spoonful and spoonful, they’ll let go.

Fish croquettes and mashed potatoes

Croquettes are 100% sure to be one of your favourite food for children. Therefore, we can take advantage and make them from fish if it is a food they do not eat much. Granted, they can take a lot of time to prepare, but you can always prepare if you have the time and hard work. To do this, you cook the fish, remove the bones and cut it very finely. You mix it with béchamel and then shape it. Once you have them, all that is left is to pass them with the egg and breadcrumbs. Finally, you can make it fried, baked (a healthy choice) or in a frying pan free of fat. You will do it with a bit of potato when you give them.


No doubt, it is one of the great alternatives to dinner. In addition, you can accompany the French omelets or chopped eggs with various ingredients such as turkey, chicken, spinach, and more. So much so that you turn it into a perfect meal for your little ones and those who are no longer so numerous. Where do your children like dinner? Go there for food for the children.

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