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How Are New-Age Paid Retirement Homes Breaking The Taboo Of Old Age Homes?


Since the inception of old age homes, there has been a lot of taboo surrounding it. We have often heard our parents talk about how it is a sign of negligence and irresponsibility to leave one’s parents in old age homes and that they will probably be miserable there. But over the years, old age homes have become more modern, more comfortable and a good option for our ageing relatives.

Nowadays, numerous amazing paid old age homes offer numerous amenities to their residents, helping them live a luxurious life. Even though the taboo remains in some areas of the society, the quality of life offered at these luxury old age homes in Kottayam has improved exponentially.

Why Were Old Age Homes Viewed With Such Prejudice?

The basic concept of old age homes was to offer secure accommodation to the seniors in the society and take care of their health and wellness.

As it is not always possible to be physically present with our parents due to several reasons, old age homes became a good option for their wellbeing.

But, in our society, prejudices against old age homes became prevalent as many people thought it irresponsible to leave our ageing parents in the care of others. Even though it was a practical and convenient option for many, these prejudices hampered the growth and development of retirement homes for decades.

One of the primary reasons behind that is the feeling of isolation often seen in seniors who have to live away from their children and relatives. With advancing age, it is common for our senior citizens to feel like a burden to their families. So, when they are asked to stay in retirement homes, this idea can quickly transform into a massive feeling of insecurity. The result was the massive prejudice against old age home and, of course, against. The children who were forced by circumstances to leave their parents there.

How Has Modern Old Age Homes In Kochi and Kottayam Helped To Removing The Prejudices and Taboo Surrounding Retirement Homes?

The idea of old age home has gone through numerous renovations over the last decade. Today, we have multiple luxurious old age homes in Kochi and Kottayam that offer high quality of living. There is a list of old age homes in Kerala that have proven the practical value of such establishments.

Here are some ways in which modern old age home have removed the prejudices against old age home that have been raging for decades:

Changed The Quality Of Life

The quality of life offered at old age home years ago wasn’t up to par. Which was among the primary reasons people were prejudiced against them. Besides providing the basic needs of residents, the amenities were few or none. Nowadays, luxury old age homes in Kochi and Kottayam offer numerous amenities, from swimming pools to game rooms. Here, all the needs of residents are taken care of, and they can truly enjoy the beauty of life.

They Offer Luxurious Accommodation To Residents

Among the best things about these luxury old age home in Kottayam is their luxurious accommodation. The level of infrastructure offered at these old age home makes them stand out from the rest. Where residents can enjoy their time and even a high level of safety and security.

Residents can enjoy independent living in well-maintained and immaculate rooms without worrying about anything. There is a long list of old age home in Kerala where several personal services ensure residents can live an extremely convenient life.

Numerous Medical and Health Services Are Offer

Medical assistance is a must in old age home, as senior residents of these homes are prone to numerous ailments. These luxury old age homes in Kottayam have certified doctors, nurses. And psychiatrists present on the premises, ready for any medical emergencies. This helps to ensure that the residents can enjoy a healthy. And hearty life here without having to stress about their medical needs.

There is a list of old age homes in Kerala that have designated places for exercise yoga sessions with trainers so that the residents can enjoy optimal health.

Helps In Community Building

As mentioned before, the feeling of isolation can cause worry for seniors staying in old age home. These old age home help in proper community building with like-minded individual. That can help reduce the feeling of isolation in our ageing relatives. Residents can interact with similar people, and build new friendships here. Which can help them enjoy their lives with close companions once again.


Over the years, old age homes have changed quite a lot, slowly reducing the prejudices surrounding such establishments. Today, they have become a practical option for our senior relatives, all thanks to the modern paid old age home. Which have immensely improved the quality of life.

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