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How to Improve Your Relationships with Women

If you struggle to hold down a romantic or even a friendly relationship with a woman, then it’s time to sit down and have a long hard look at the whys. For most, the issue boils down to either confidence or a disconnect. If your issue is confidence, then there are many ways to build that so that you can start holding more meaningful relationships with your partners. If the issue is a disconnect, then approaching each woman as an individual and casting away any stereotypes you may have is the way to go.

What to Do If Your Nerves are Getting in the Way

When you want something, this can result in self-sabotage. Nerves because you want something to go very well is common. It happens during job interviews, it happens on dates, and it happens throughout your life. The only way to get over those jitters is to get used to the situation.

When it comes to nerves on a date, this can feel even more daunting because though you can go on a lot of first dates, these are all firsts. You will still be meeting someone new, still, be trying to make the best first impression, and still be in a new situation. The good news is that, though it will often take longer, going on a lot of first dates will help you become better at them. You’ll learn the rhythm of a good date and how to customize your approach to suit your date.

If you are at the very start of your journey and struggle getting those first dates, then try a companionship service like Playgirls Essex. These services offer the full girlfriend experience, which in turn can help build confidence in a safe space.

Remember Even Exchange

Every relationship, from platonic to romantic, is based on an exchange. Most successful relationships are based on an even exchange. Until you naturally incorporate this rhythm make, just keep reminding yourself. A good rule of thumb is to listen, but being just a listener isn’t the perfect approach. You want her to also be interested in you and your thoughts.

If you are looking for tips on how to improve conversions on a date or in any other one-on-one situation, try to segue the conversation into a story-telling format. While questions about what she does, where did she go to school, and where did she grow up are okay, if the answers don’t lead into stories which in turn lead to conversations, then you may either not be compatible or you may be forcing the question-answer format too much.

Take the Pressure Off One-on-One Situations

It can be very daunting to sit down and talk with someone – especially on a first date – for an extended period. For more natural conversation, always try to pick something to do. This activity should still give you plenty of time to talk (so movies or loud music venues are out), but the activity should also be interesting enough that you two have a base to talk about whenever conversation fizzles out.

This tip even applies to work relationships. By having work in front of you or by focusing first on your common grievances or experiences, you can build a solid relationship without immediately resorting to an interrogation-style conversation.

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