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How to make notes for the UPSC exam?

The Union Public Service Commission conducts a Civil Service exam every year. Many students prepare for the exam but not every student clears the exam. It’s the toughest exam in the country. UPSC is a three-tier program- Prelims, Mains and Interview. Candidates have to clear all the levels to become a civil servant. By making proper strategy one can clear UPSC examinations. Preparation by making your own notes is an important part of the UPSC exams.

Here in this article there are some tips about how to make notes for UPSC.

1. Understand the syllabus

Candidates need to understand the syllabus first before starting preparation for the UPSC. Prepare the short notes after understanding the UPSC Syllabus. You can write down the important topics of the syllabus on which you want to make notes. Write down the topics according to your choice and interest. Hand written notes are always beneficial for the preparation of every exam. So, make notes according to your choice.

2. Take your time

Candidates don’t need to make notes in a hurry. UPSC is not a one day exam, it’s not a joy ride to enjoy. Take your time to understand the topics. Give your time for reading also. Analyze the important topics from the syllabus. You can go through the previous year question papers for guidance. Previous year question papers are the best source of preparation for UPSC

3. Handwritten notes

 Although there is a huge printed and online study material available for UPSC IAS exam preparation, Handwritten notes are best at the time of revision. Handwritten notes always help to remember topics for so long. There are many sources for making notes. You can refer books, online notes, study material by coachings You can choose according to your choice. When you write something, your learning capacity boosts automatically. So,make your own notes and prepare well for the examination.

 4. Show your creativity

You can show your creativity while making notes. Add pictures with topics if you find any. It helps you to remember and understand the concept well. Conceptual clarity is very important for the preparation.  Creative style of writing results as easy to remember at exam time. 

5. Regular work 

Regular work is very important for making your notes effective. For example, if you are making notes on current affairs, it’s important to be updated on a regular basis. This can be on a daily, monthly or annual basis. Read newspapers daily and note the important topics and news properly. Try to refer to a national newspaper so that you would cover all the important current affair sections.

6. Online study material and notes 

Online sources are also available now-a-days. You can prepare notes through the internet and write it by making a file on your laptop and computer. There are many options available on the internet for editing and suggesting notes. Legacy IAS Academy Bangalore is the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. The institute provides updated notes for IAS exam preparation.  Candidates can join online or offline courses as per their choice.

7. Make diagrams and flowchart

By adding diagrams and flowchart, you can make your answer effective. Diagrams and flowcharts help to understand the topics better. While making notes add flowcharts and diagrams with the answers. You can make an answer with the help of diagrams. Diagrams and flowcharts are the easiest way to learn things quickly.

8. Separate notes for each subject

Make separate notes for each subject,otherwise it will be confusing to understand the concept. Keep separate notebooks of all  the subjects for better learning.

9. Focus on ongoing issues for current affairs

Current affairs preparation is very important for UPSC. For current affairs practice you need to study daily. There are many national and international news stories which should be studied daily.  Read newspapers daily to focus on ongoing issues. There are many online sources where you can prepare for current affairs.

10. Read Textbook

Read your textbooks first  and mark important points. Next important thing is to write it down in your notebook. When you read it a second time, there will be a difference in your preparation. You will recall your preparation easily. This is the advantage of making notes.

11. Revision 

Revision is very important when you are preparing for UPSC or any other exams. Without revision work students can not score good in examinations. When you prepare notes, it’s important to revise your daily work otherwise there will be no use of making notes. 

There are many advantages to making notes. Researchers found there is only a five percent chance of being remembered when you don’t make notes. Most important advantage of making notes is that preparation can be revised in less time. By making notes you only add important topics. Whenever you want to revise, you don’t need to read the full syllabus. Notes covers all the important topics. So, make it a habit of making notes and score excellent in examinations.

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