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How To Open If Your Samsonite Suitcase Lock Is Jammed

Traveling has become the most-frequent hobby around the globe. People travel with all of their necessities carried with them. For this purpose, luggage bags are used. Samsonite luggage bags are mostly widely used in traveling. Firstly, they are handy. Secondly, they are spacious and comfortable to carry. 

Samsonite bags have locks in the form of lock combinations. Sometimes locks of samsonite suitcases get jammed. It is very easy to open if samsonite suitcase lock is jammed. There can be some different bedroom door lock types that use it. In this article, we will guide you about how to open your samsonite suitcase.

Reasons Why Our Samsonite Suitcase Is Lock Jammed:

  1. Internal Damages:

Firstly, a jammed samsonite suitcase lock may occur due to internal damage in it. Internal damage might be due to hard blows. In addition to this, when a suitcase frequently keeps on falling, combination locks stop working. Moreover,  these damages are unobtrusive. They are not visible to naked eye. Therefore, you should take care of your suitcase because internal damage is difficult to deal with.

  1. Broken Lock:

Secondly, we may unfortunately break the lock of our samsonite suitcase. In that case, we are unable to unlock the closed suitcase and lock the open suitcase. The lock gets stuck in its place.

  1. Debris And Trash:

Thirdly and lastly, trash and debris can accumulate in the lock. It makes it difficult to move the pins in code combination lock. To solve this, you may use a lubricant spray on the lock. This will soften the trash and dust particles present in the lock. After that, you can easily remove the debris by using a small brush.

How To Open a Jammed Samsonite Suitcase Lock – 7 Easy Steps

To open a jammed samsonite suitcase lock, please follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Firstly,  position your luggage bag according to your position. Make sure to place the luggage bag at your eye level. If you are sitting down, you may lay the bag horizontally.  And if you are standing, you may position your bag vertically. 
  2. Secondly,  take out your flashlight and aim it at the lock. You will see three number-wheels.
  3. Thirdly, now that you are able to see the combination lock clearly, start rotating the number wheel from the very left corner. 
  4. After that, keep on rotating the number wheel till you hear the sound of a click.
  5. Repeat the same process with the other wheels
  6. Now pull the latch of your lock in outward directions. After that, release the clasp.
  7. Moving further, press the clasp or the button firmly. Rotate the number wheels in the pattern of your new code. 
  8. Lastly, set the new password and release the clasp. Do a trial check to see if the lock of your suitcase is working fine or not.

If your suitcase is still jammed, you need to contact a professional. You can search for a commercial locksmith in Forest Park.

How To Open Your Suitcase When You Have Forgotten The Password:

It is quite common that people often tend to forget their lock combination. Changing the lock combination in a samsonite suitcase is quite simple. You can change your lock in following steps:

  1. Firstly, take out all the lock pads. Do not take out these lock pads simultaneously.  Take out these lock pads one by one.
  2. Secondly, firmly rotate the number wheels. It is important to rotate the number wheels with a little pressure.  In addition to this,  dials will only click if you are applying adequate pressure. Rotate the number wheels one by one till they click. 
  3. After your number wheels have clicked enter your code. Code should be of three digits. For instance, you can dial 116, 682, 528 etc.  Make sure to rotate the number wheels properly.
  4. After that, your suitcase will be unlocked. However,  you need to continue the procedure in order to save your new password.
  5. After that, rotate their number wheel in the pattern of the code “000”. This code is a built-in lock combination for samsonite luggage bags.
  6. Now, rotate the shackle or the cuff at 90 degrees angle. Rotate the shackle from the lock position. 
  7. Now take out the shackle from the lock and hold it there. 
  8. Now you need to set the desired code. Write down this code on some paper or in your notes. In this way, hopefully you will not forget your code next time.
  9. Lastly, release the shackle and it will automatically move to its back position.  And if it does not go back to its normal position, you can do it manually. Just pull the shackle up and take it back to its lock position.


In conclusion,  we can say that samsonite luggage bags are the most convenient luggage bags to use. However,  we should take proper care of them. Carelessness can cause serious damage to the lock combination and your suitcase wholly.

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