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How to Read Outlook Emails in Adobe Reader with Attachments?

An Outlook PST file can include all of your Outlook data items, including attachments. The problem with this file is that it can only be accessed through Outlook. If someone wants to read Outlook emails in adobe reader with attachments while keeping the original information and layout. Then they must save PST file emails in a portable file format

PDF files are used all around the world due of their portability. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, you may easily browse this file by utilising PDF reading software. This is why people prefer to exchange PDF files, and when it comes to sharing Outlook data with attachments, storing Outlook data as PDF is the only option.

What is the Best Method to Read Outlook emails in Adobe Reader with Attachments?

The most significant aspect of this query is attachment. Attachments must be export as PDF files. As a result, manual methods cannot be employed since they do not allow attachments to be exported. In this case, an automated tool PST Converter would be the best option. All Outlook emails, including attachments, may be converted into PDF files with this application. The file extension of the email attachment is unimportant in this case. Here’s how to put the logical method to convert PST to PDF with attachments into action.

Convert PST to PDF with Attachments using an Effortless Solution

How to Save PST Emails As Adobe Reader Format

Follow the given instruction to Read Outlook Emails in Adobe Reader with attachments.

  1. Install and execute this programme on your computer.
  2. Select the Open >> Email Data File >> PST File >> option. Choose File.
  3. After that, pick PDF as the export format by clicking on the Export button.
  4. Finally, navigate to the saving location and press the Save button.Complete the procedure here. You may now open.pst file emails in Adobe Reader without any problems.

Features of the Automated Tool

The application includes a variety of excellent features that make the saving process simple and safe.

  • Bulk PST Export: If desired, users can add several PST files to the software for export. You may do this by using the Add Folder option, and you won’t have to expert all of the files one by one.
  • No Data Loss: With this email file converter, there is no chance of data loss or corruption. This application can be use without being concern about such issues.
  • Quick and simple: This tool requires very little human assistance. Simply follow the easy instructions and leave the rest to your application.
  • Completely safe: The tool is free of viruses, malware, and spyware. As a consequence, you may use this to convert PST to PDF with attachments without fear of data loss.
  • Advance Scan: If a user has a damage PST file, data can be recover and transform. If you select the Advanced Scan option while importing a file, the application will correct any corruption before exporting it.


PST and PDF are both commonly use file formats, and users may need to Read Outlook Emails in Adobe Reader with attachments for a variety of reasons. Users may use this conversion to open Outlook email data on any machine, even if Outlook is not install. Use the ingenious approach described here to save a PST file as a Portable Document File. This approach allows you to export attachments from a PDF file. Because there is no manual method available, users must rely only on the automated.

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