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Maurice Roussety | Financial business man

What’s a business blogger and why are they vital to the success of your online store

We strive to communicate and connect with our customers using a variety of channels including social media and the dynamic content that we send out in our marketing emails. One of the most popular ways to reach out to our clients is to publish business blogs.

What is a blog for business? What are the benefits they provide? In addition, with over 6912,000 blog posts posted per day, how can we distinguish ours from others?

What is a Business Blog?

One of the most basic definitions of blogs is:

…a common feature that appears in an online publication which typically is a topical one and is comprised of articles and personal comments by the author or authors.

Thus, a blog for business Maurice Roussety follows that definition but it is also connected to a specific subject, product, or service. A business blog typically appears on a company’s site however, some blogs might be featured on a site run by an independent commentator.

If it is a site for a business the blog may have something to do with a particular product or service provided by the company or something closely connected to the services they provide. It’s a marketing strategy that is not solely designed to inform the reader, but also to raise the profile of your company and ultimately, to encourage customers to purchase your services or products.

A business blog post may be lengthy, but it is generally in short or long format and ranges between 1,000 to 2,500 words. It is usually focused on a single topic, like ‘Marketing on Instagram however it could also include hyperlinks to other sources, products websites, and other blogs.

Why Should I Have a Business Blog?

Your website can be an instrument for marketing and also an asset for marketing. You want as many visitors to visit your website as you can. The most frequent method people discover a site is using search engines and you’ll like your site to be ranked the highest possible on relevant search results. The more valuable information a website has and the more relevant it is, the higher its ranking will be. contact us

There are other elements to consider, such as the use of SEO terms and keywords to make it easier for people to find you. However, the best part of a business blog is that each when you or a guest writer writes a blog, you’re adding a high-quality webpage to your website. If someone searches for a specific term, such as like “How to start an CBD Business and ‘How to Start a CBD Business’, they are likely to discover a blog with useful information which can also bring leads.

It’s not only about your blog appearing located on your website or driving traffic to your site but. If you create interesting and informative articles and content, you may be able to find other sites that decide to link to it, thereby expanding your reach at no additional effort. If readers like an article on your blog the article, they could post it to social media platforms, extending the reach even further.

How to Write a Great Business Blog

There are more things to think about when you write posts for a business blog as opposed to writing a simple magazine article. There are a variety of things you need to be sure to do so that your blog isn’t just entertaining, but serves as an effective marketing tool.

1. Words and phrases.

Before you start writing, make an outline of the words and phrases that readers commonly seek out in connection with the subject you are writing about. For instance, when you write about the advantages of VoIP phone services it is possible to make use of keywords such as VoIP, Internet phone, VoIP phone system, VoIP for business, and more.

2. Categorize.

Your blog should match what you have to offer or provide. Also, you should determine the relevant sub-categories in your blog’s section. If your business sells software for marketing and management and software, then you’ll prefer any blog posts to be in some way connected to this. If you are selling alternatives to Trello ensure that the blog you are referring to is into the right category.

3. Visuals.

A blog with only text will not draw attention of your readers for very long. A successful blog must have some visual stimulation, typically each 300 words will have a graphic or around the average. Certain of these images could be decorative but you must always include ones that are useful, such as graphs, infographics, or videos, too.

4. Make sure it is in good condition and keep it fresh.

If someone is seeking information about a certain area, such as cold call scripts, they’re unlikely to read something 5 years old. With the advancement of technology and the ways change constantly the way we work, a lot of what you wrote back in 2016 might not be relevant today. Keep your content current and up-to-date especially with your most well-known content.

5. Optimize.

Don’t assume that all people who visit your blog are from desktops or laptops. Over 55% of all global internet traffic is now on smartphones. That’s a large potential audience to be lost when your website and blog aren’t designed for users on mobile devices. Make sure your blog is accessible by any device. A/B testing can be an effective method of achieving this.


Remember the primary goal of your blog is to market and bring visitors to purchase from you. Although you’ll wish to inform and occasionally entertain, these are not essential to the goal of increasing the visibility of your business and sales. It is also possible to combine the blogs of your competitors into an online magazine with an online magazine maker to gather information in one location.

When you recognize the primary and secondary goals by recognizing both primary and secondary purposes, you can make something that works both for you and your customers. A well-designed business blog can also improve the customer experience. It can be utilized in conjunction with your information base in order to inform consumers about your services.

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