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Top 10 Tips for Writing a 100% Original Essay with No Plagiarism

If you want to write an essay for university, you must follow a number of rules. It is not as simple as simply incorporating information from a source into your work. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can lead to your paper being rejected. Nobody wants that to happen after putting in so many hours of effort. But, no warriors in this blog, we are going to share some tips to help you write 100% free essays.

Copying someone else’s work without giving credit will have disastrous consequences. You can easily find an article rewriter online, which should help, but there are other options. Once you understand the importance of writing a plagiarism free essay, Afterward, you will have a better chance of putting measures in place to keep you out of trouble.

What is plagiarism?

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of the verb “to plagiarize” is:

“to steal and pass off as one’s own or use of another’s production without giving any credit to the source”

Copy-and-paste is the act of intentionally copying another person’s ideas or words without proper citation, and it is considered a “steal” if done on purpose. Even using someone else’s work without crediting the source falls under this definition because your work attempts to “pass-off” someone else’s work as your own.

Why should you avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is fundamentally an ethical issue. A writer who submits plagiarized work is committing theft with the intention of profiting from it. This is true whether you’re submitting a school paper for an A or working as a writer for a living.

As a writer, avoiding plagiarism is critical because it jeopardies your integrity. Apart from losing the respect of your mentors and peers, you may also lose valuable professional referrals and future career advancement. Plagiarism may result in the loss of financial aid or leadership roles if you are still in school.

Furthermore, you should also opt for a 100% free essay. Because you don’t want to take the credit or profit from the one who is original. The original creator can also take legal action against you.

10 amazing tips to write a 100% free essay with zero plagiarism.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to write a 100% free essay with zero plagiarism:


1. Start writing early.

Allowing yourself enough time when writing a paper is an easy way to avoid plagiarism. Having enough time to do your research and focus on your content will put you miles ahead. When we are under pressure, we are more likely to make unintentional errors.

2. Cite your sources correctly.

It’s one thing to cite your sources, but if you don’t do it correctly, it won’t mean much. Make sure you understand the standards for the paper you’re working on and that you apply them correctly. Even if you are attempting to do the right thing, you may make a mistake.

3. Proofread your content.

Proofreading is required, and it will also assist you with your plagiarism. Although you can find the best article rewriter, proofreading your work is effective. It doesn’t take long to go through your paper and make sure you’ve cited all of the sources you used. It is one of the easiest and simplest steps to implement and produce results.

4. Use Quotations

When directly quoting someone, another way to give credit is to use quotation marks. It doesn’t take much time, and you want to do it as soon as you write it down. You will not be accused of plagiarism if you quote your references and you have a 100% free essay.

5. Use paraphrase while writing 

There is a way to avoid using someone else’s work while still giving credit where credit is due. When you reword a sentence without losing meaning, you can use paraphrasing. You must write it entirely in your own words and cannot simply substitute one word for another.

6. Add Value to your content

Don’t try to incorporate all of the information you find in your sources. Try to add some value to the topic by sharing your own insights. In any case, this will help you get better grades. It demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about. This can only be accomplished by conducting extensive research until all of the information comes together.

7. Plagiarism Checker

It doesn’t take much to run your work through a proofreader just to make sure. There are numerous good plagiarism checkers available online. If I needed to, I could find the best article rewriter online in a matter of seconds. The same is true in the case of avoiding plagiarism and writing a 100% free essays.

8. Reference Page

A reference page at the end of your paper is an easy way to avoid plagiarism. Simply add to this list as you conduct research and determine what you want to include. Do not try to do it after you have finished your paper, because you may miss something important.

9. Ask your teacher

Inquire with your teacher whether a reference page or in-text citation is required for the paper you’re working on. This enables you to approach the task prepared. We can save ourselves a lot of time by simply asking. Spend some time with your teacher to ensure that you understand the project guidelines.

10. The Internet is a source

Just because you found something on the internet rather than in a book does not give you permission to use it without citing it. Be extremely cautious with this one because it is still someone’s original work. To get a 100% free essay from plagiarism, you should reference or cite the online sources you use.

A Summing Up:

In this blog, we have discussed how to write a 100% free essay. I hope it helps you write a plagiarism free essay and get good grades on your exams. If you are looking for any type of essay writing or academic content writing service, then feel free to connect with us. We have one of the best teams of academic writers to write your content.

Read Students Academic.

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