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Top 5 Yacht Charter Companies in Dubai

With sunny 360 days a year, white sandy beaches, an unmatched level of luxury, the tallest building and largest shopping mall in the world, and a skyline known for its exquisite beauty, Dubai is an ideal tourist destination. If you want to experience the city of gold in a unique way, enjoy it from the sea. It’s exciting to know that the coastline of Dubai has many of the world’s magnificent buildings. However, the glamorous way to experience this real vista is by yacht charter Dubai. It allows you to celebrate a birthday, or wedding, host a corporate party, or just sit back and relax in the serene waters whilst enjoying the best skyline views. Here we have picked the top 5 yacht charter companies in Dubai in order to experience the best cruise you are looking for:

CharterClick Yacht charter Dubai

CharterClick in Dubai is one of the best ways to charter a yacht in Dubai. The company has an extensive fleet of yachts to select from. You can easily choose between an adrenaline-boosting speed boat, a luxurious yacht, or a sedate fishing cruiser. All their yachts are be found in Dubai Marina with an experienced crew as well as the latest media systems.

There is a great need to know that CharterClick company significantly focuses on service first, offering the convenience and speed of booking a yacht online using their website. They allow enjoying a quick, hassle-free process for any occasion with a process. All you have to do is, schedule a trip and choose the boat. Then, complete the payment procedure. You’ll receive a confirmation email. The company contacts you. Simply kick back and enjoy your trip!

Mala Yachts

Renting a yacht in Dubai is one of the most effective ways to celebrate any special event. Luckily, Mala yachts is one of the leading yacht charter companies in Dubai. You can rent a yacht for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, sunset cruises as well as for new year parties. One of the significant reasons for the success of Mala yachts is, that they have an experienced and friendly crew on board in order to make your stay comfortable.

In addition of high-class facilities, Mala Yachts are recognized for their hospitality towards their customers. However, if you’re looking for something unique to set up for your loved ones, feel free to tell the team. They are highly accommodating to make your dreams a reality. Mala yachts offer a wide array of packages that vary on the occasion as well as also production events such as film shooting, photoshoots, team building activities, and fishing

Royal Yachts

Royal Yacht in Dubai offers some stylish yachts of various sizes as well as for various purposes. The company is also responsible to provide several convenient services needed for your yacht rental. Their rentals include gourmet meals, an assortment of fresh beverages, fresh fruits, as well as other inclusions.  Furthermore, they also provide catering, fireworks display, and live music. Royal yachts rental company is providing some exclusive tour packages, such as New Year’s Eve rental package, and Formula 1 yacht rental package, and many more.

Seven yachts

Seven Yacht’s rentals in Dubai are inclusive of a wide variety of beverages, fresh fruits, as well as bath accessories. The provider has extra services in order to make your vacation convenient and enjoyable. One of the best services of seven yachts is, coordinating your transfer from the airport to the Bulgari Resort. You can also have a Michelin star chef to prepare your meals during the cruise. Moreover, if you want to have fun in the water, various water activities are also provided to you. Seven Yacht rental company allows you to cruise without any trouble with their professional crew with 20 years of experience.

Champion Yachts

Champion yachts- one of the most exclusive yacht rental companies in Dubai are operating for 10+ years offering luxury yacht packages. You can hire their yachts for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, sunset dinner cruises, weddings, and New Year parties. They cater to fishing adventures and water sports activities. Rent a yacht with them to get the most unforgettable yachting experience in Dubai.

The champion yacht is a Dubai-based yacht company known for its luxurious and home-like comfort and in every rental done. They use high-quality brands with a professional crew onboard in order to accommodate and cater the needs of client. Champion yachts also offer a wide array of packages that are both comprehensive and value-driven for each of the client’s needs.

How to choose the best provider for yacht rental in Dubai?

In order to get a top-quality yacht for event, there is a great need to choose a reliable yacht rental provider. Here are some essential tips you must consider while choosing the best yacht rental company in Dubai.

Check for insurance and licenses

You must ensure that the crew and captains of your selected yacht rental provider received the standard STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) training. That means you and your guests will be safe during the cruise.

Along with this, there is a great need to know that the yacht you are charting is fully-owned by the company. The vessel must be insured for protecting you from fees in case of any damage or unpleasant incident occurring during your rental period.

Know the services you need

In order to determine the services, know your purpose for yacht rental Dubai. You can book a yacht for fishing trips, dinners, parties, as well as guided tours. Most yacht rental companies in Dubai offer complimentary food and beverages.  For dinners and party purposes, yacht providers can also prepare the red carpet as well as decors for you.

Read reviews

Know what previous people say about a yacht rental provider’s service. In this way, you’ll get an idea about the quality of service. Reviews can also let you know whether a company is transparent regarding their policy or if they have a history of charging their clients extra.

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