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When you’re considering purchasing a product or service online, the image and the product description are two aspects that can help you figure out exactly what you’re obtaining.(product rule)

If the image has piqued your interest, the next step in the purchasing process is to read the product description. You must select whether to close the page, read more, or make a purchase during that brief time of reading.

If you don’t know how to write product descriptions for your firm, the first alternative is likely to be chosen by the majority of your visitors.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. It is possible to study and practice the art of writing an excellent product description. Investing some time to learn could help you significantly enhance your sales.

Why Do You Need a Good Product Description?(product rule)

A product description is more than just a list of features and benefits. It’s also an opportunity to pitch the goods to a prospective consumer.

Consider writing product descriptions as if you were a salesperson in a store. If a consumer inquired about a product, you would describe it while also emphasizing the features and benefits that might be of interest to that particular customer.

According to Salsify research, 87 percent of consumers regard product content as extremely or very significant in their purchasing decisions. To put it another way, product descriptions have a significant impact on sales. Consider how many consumers you’re losing because of ineffective descriptions.

According to another study, unclear or missing information caused one-fifth of purchase failures. What’s stopping you from fixing one out of every five lost sales just by creating a better product description?

We offer some helpful hints for turning average product descriptions into compelling pitches. This is your chance to practice writing a product description.

Writing Product Descriptions: A Guide(product rule)

It’s not easy to learn how to write product descriptions that sell. Online, there are billions of things to choose from. So you could be up against hundreds or even thousands of brands even within your product category.

However, as previously stated, crafting excellent product descriptions is critical. The eight tips below will help you develop product descriptions that sell and increase the impact of your product pages. We also have eight samples of fantastic product descriptions for you to look over.

1) Identify your target market.(product rule)

The target audience should be considered in all marketing efforts. In the end, it’s up to you to persuade your audience with your product description. As a result, you should adjust your writing to that audience (or multiple audiences).

How to Write an Audience-Friendly Product Description

A clear characterization of your target audience will be really beneficial. Personas are useful for establishing a target audience. The process of developing personas will force you to think more carefully about your target audiences. The following are some traits you can use to define a persona:

The persona’s name, age, and photo

Describe how the person came upon your product description.
Interests of the persona (keep them general and broad – the persona represents a group)
Other important information that could influence purchase behavior

You can have a better grasp of your target audience by using the persona. Start asking yourself questions like which features and perks would thrill the persona the most. You might also consider how the character would describe your goods to his or her peers. To put it another way, you may use each persona’s buyer story to think about and understand your audience.

2) Make an effort to understand the reader’s wants and needs.

Now that you’ve considered your target market, think about the wants and needs of the people who will most likely be reading your product description. The research and analysis you conducted for your personas should have informed these requirements.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Meet the Needs of Your Reader

Make some notes about how your product will satisfy the reader’s goals and needs before you start writing the product description. Specific features may be available in some circumstances to assist with a need. Your product description, on the other hand, may go beyond features. Customers frequently seek things that will complement and enhance their existing lifestyles.

You might be creating a description for a high-end tent if you own a camping products company. The target audience for this is most likely seeking for detailed information on the product. They’re familiar with tents and don’t want to read a fancy product description. They are, however, most likely looking for adventure. As a result, the difficulty would be to strike a balance between offering thorough product information and referring to the lifestyle your buyers are likely seeking.

Consider product descriptions in the same way you would when creating a picture. You want the reader to envision themselves using the product and being satisfied.

Source: product rule , product features

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