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Weather in Dubai: Dubai Travel Guide

The temperature in Dubai. Climate or weather in Dubai. We can ask ourselves in various ways but the answer will always be the same. Very hot. The climate in the United Arab Emirates is arid, dry and rainfall is almost non-existent. 

Weather in Dubai in Winter.

Winter in Dubai runs from December to February. But even in winter in Dubai the temperatures are not low. They range from 14ºC to 25ºC. That is why it is a good idea to travel to Dubai in winter. But try as much as possible the month of February since it is one of the rainiest months of the year. To give you an idea, think that almost all the rains of the year are concentrated in this month.

Time in Dubai in Summer.

The temperature in Dubai in summer we are going to say by being mild that you will sweat up to your nails.

Summer in Dubai runs from May to October, autumn and spring are practically non-existent. During the summer in Dubai temperatures range from 25ºC to 40ºC. But beware that they can easily reach 45 or 48ºC on the hottest days. But we recommend that you avoid traveling to Dubai if possible between the months of July and August. Do not worry about the rains, we can guarantee what is the least likely to happen. However, after the mid day, visiting the Dubai desert is one of the coolest thing you can do. You can also rent luxury car Dubai, to cruise with your squad.

What is the best time to travel to Dubai?

If you do not want to be overwhelmed by the heat, having to spend almost all the time under an air conditioner, we recommend that you travel to Dubia during the less warm months. Which are between November and February. January and February being the months in which you will find better temperatures in Dubai. Remember that from April the temperatures in Dubai begin to rise and it becomes suffocating until you go to the beach. Speaking of beaches, we take the opportunity to leave you an article with the best public and private beaches in Dubai.

When is Dubai hottest?

The hottest months in Dubai are June, July and August. What is summer? These months are the hottest by far, easily reaching 40ºC. But incredibly it is during the summer when most tourists decide to visit Dubai. The low prices of hotels and flights make these 40ºC another anecdote. Would you dare to go to the desert with these temperatures? We tell you how we did it to do the Dubai Desert Safari.

How many degrees does it do in Dubai in summer?

weather in Dubai is Summer is terrible. Temperatures easily reach 40ºC. And they can even reach 45ºC. 

When is it cold in Dubai?

The weather in Dubai, even in winter, is warm. Obviously not like in summer but it is true that temperatures rarely drop below 20ºC during winter. So the answer to When is it cold in Dubai? It would never be.

What is the temperature in Dubai by month?

January : 15-24 ° C, seven hours of sunshine, with mild and pleasant temperatures, a perfect month to visit the emirate.

April : 23-34 ° C, with eleven hours of sunshine and summer temperatures. Take off the swimsuits.

July : 31-41 ° C, eleven hours of sunshine and very high temperatures, but really high. At this time of year you will not see people on the street.

September : 29-39 ° C, eleven hours of sunshine and they are already starting to drop a little.

October : 25-36 ° C, the hours of sunshine decrease and the climate in Dubai begins to be somewhat more bearable.

November : 22-31 ° C, 10 hours of sunshine and temperatures that invite you to go out and explore the Dubai parks.

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