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What is Cat6 Riser Cable & Where Can You Install

Ethernet cables are available in quite a lot of different categories. Since the first category, Cat1, these cables have been produced continuously to meet the demands of consumers’ requirements. Cat6 is the 6th category of ethernet cables and it comes in three different types. Namely, Plenum, Riser, and PVC.  If you want to know about cat6 riser cable, this blog is the best guide for you. 

This difference is based on the type of jacket these cables come in. And if you ask, what makes the cable jackets different from one another? The answer can be found in the safety standard they follow. For instance, Cat6 Riser Cable follows a different safety standard than the Cat6 plenum. 

This article is dedicated to a detailed explanation of the features and uses of the Bulk Cat6 riser. Let’s dive in. 

Cat6 Riser 1000ft Speed and Bandwidth

Cat6 riser 1000ft has an ideal speed and bandwidth capacity for high-speed ethernet applications. At a run length of 100 meters or 328 feet, it supports data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps. And the bandwidth capacity of this cable is 550MHz.

In any ethernet applications such as fast-ethernet or gigabit ethernet, you can rest assured that category 6 riser ethernet cable will handle your required data transmission rates and bandwidth. 

Cat6 Riser Shielded vs Unshielded

So, if you look at riser-rated cat6 cable, you will see different types of insulations on the conductors. The shielded one should have at least one extra layer of insulation to protect the conductors from harsh environments and interferences. 

The unshielded cable on the other hand doesn’t feature such extra measures against electromagnetic interference, crosstalk, and extreme environmental conditions. 

If you are looking to buy this cable but not sure which one to get, here’s your guide:

For a high cable density network, go get the shielded cat6. It will provide an excellent connection even when it is trapped in a cable web. But if you are going to install this cable in a low or moderately dense network, an unshielded cable will work just fine. 

Conductor: Bare Copper or CCA?

Well, the differences between the types of cat6 riser cable are not few but many. 

It comes with two different types of conductors. Bare copper and Copper-clad aluminium conductor. 

The copper-clad aluminium conductor is not as good as the bare copper one. It has a noticeable EMI and crosstalk. Because it is not entirely corrosion-free, it doesn’t last much longer either. 

But the Cat6 Bare Copper Conductor is made out of 100% pure copper – as the name implies, of course. The EMI and crosstalk in this conductor is almost unnoticeable.  And due to its corrosion-free properties, it can last for longer. 

Solid or Stranded conductor

You not only need to know about the conductor metal but you also need to know whether it is stranded or solid. 

Solid conductors are made out of one piece of metal and stranded conductors are made out of multiple strands of the conductor metal. For installations at longer run lengths, solid conductors are better because they do not break easily if twisted.

Solid conductors are also more immune to interference which makes them perfect for both longer and shorter run lengths. 

Where Can you install Cat6 Riser?

Cat6 riser 1000ft is for installations in vertical rising spaces and outdoors. 

Vertical rising spaces include the inside of walls, elevator shafts, etc. It is not for use in indoor spaces where air circulates freely. 

The riser jacket is made out of high-quality PVC and a Teflon coating. It is fire-resistant but it emits toxic gases when it catches fire. That is why you should always take extra care of the safety standards.


Bulk Cat6 Riser is a fast and reliable cable for high-speed ethernet applications. It is designed for installations in riser-rated (CMR) spaces. Before you buy this cable for your network, use the aforementioned factors to decide which variant of cat6 you want and need.

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