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What is Fit-Out Construction?

Over time, every person who has an apartment or house will want to fit out solutions. Perhaps you just want to finish the house on the outside, or maybe you will carry out interior finishing work. Consider what is needed for such construction work. By the way, there are so many fit out services that can help you with that work.

Finishing works are the last stage of the building construction. Their purpose is to give the premises the necessary functionality for people to stay in it or to comply with other conditions of appointment. Also, finishing works can serve to protect building structures from aggressive environments.

Despite the apparent ease, finishing works occupy a significant share in the cost of the building, which consists of the price of the material, time and labor intensity. So, when finishing a brick building, the complexity of finishing is 30-35%, and time costs – 35-45% of the total value. In order to reduce these figures, wherever possible, mechanized methods of finishing and transporting building materials are used. When it comes to plastering, plastering stations and plastering pumps are used, as well as guns for applying mortar.

Internal and external fit out in construction.

In any construction work, you can not do without finishing the premises. There are two types of interior decoration:

  •  Internal;
  •  External.

The main building materials that are needed for finishing buildings externally are:

  •   façade works – plaster, paint, porcelain stoneware;
  •   the roof – a metal and ceramic tile.

For interior decoration you will need:

● For ceiling work – drywall; plaster;
● For walls – paint, wallpaper, plaster.
● For the floor – parquet, linoleum, laminate.

Before starting work, you need to purchase all the necessary materials for construction, for example, decide on the color of paint, plaster, etc. You can see all these materials on the website

Internal finishing work consists of finishing the premises, after cladding and painting. Also, the alignment of the walls with drywall or the addition of an additional wall from it. After that, we paste over the walls with wallpaper or trim with Krono span. At the final stage, we use decorative plaster for walls or simply paint, if it is provided for in the repair plans.

Carrying out external construction work is a little more difficult than internal. External work is work related to plastering, cladding, painting the exterior of the building.

Exterior work consists of finishing the façade with chips, USB boards, plastic, as well as finishing with siding, decorative stone or facing bricks. For exterior decoration, you can use various types of plaster: wet, ordinary or decorative, all this is determined according to your desire.

Types of facades for exterior decoration are divided into two groups: ventilated and non-ventilated. Ventilations include finishing with the use of panels, for example, siding. Non-ventilated include all other types of finishes, but where there is no solution.

For construction work related to interior and exterior decoration, it is necessary to calculate everything and be sure to buy only high-quality materials. So that soon you will not have to deal with repairs again.

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