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What You Need to Know About Trying a Kava Drink for the First Time

Kava is a remarkable plant. It’s traditionally grown in the South Pacific. Across dozens of island cultures, you’ll find several varieties of kava. While there are many varieties, they can each be turned into a drink. The root of the kava plant is dried and turned into a fine powder. From there, it’s steeped or added directly into the drink. But what makes kava so remarkable? It all has to do with the effects of this ancient plant. When you enjoy a kava drink for the first time, you’ll immediately notice that it isn’t your average drink. Kava can offer many unique and interesting effects. And yes, it’s completely safe! So, if you’ve never tried kava before, here are a few things you’ll want to know before taking your first sip!

The Numbing Sensation of the Kava Drink

If you aren’t familiar with kava, the first effect you feel might take you by surprise. It can be unsettling if you aren’t ready for it. Seconds after sipping on a kava drink, your tongue may feel slightly numb. For some people, it can be a mild numbness or tingle. For others, it can be stronger and can extend to their lips and the roof of their mouth.

The important thing to know is that this numbness is perfectly safe! It goes away in just a few minutes. It’s a good way to know that you’re drinking a genuine kava drink. The numbing effect is caused by compounds in the kava itself. These compounds are called kavalactones. They don’t only affect your mouth but can affect your whole body in positive and productive ways. But before jumping into that, it’s important to mention the other effect you’ll notice when you drink kava for the first time.

The Taste of a Kava Drink

For many people, the short-lived numbing effect of kava is enjoyable. But the flavor of kava is where opinions really start to differ. On its own, kava is typically described as earthy and bitter. Without any additions, kava tea or other kava drink options can be an acquired taste. This is why you’ll find so many kava-based beverages mixed with other ingredients, like fruit juices and sweeteners.

Of course, how you enjoy kava is completely up to you! If you enjoy earthy notes, you may like kava on its own. But for those who want something different, kava can go down easier when it’s paired with a fruit juice, like pineapple juice. If you’ve never had kava before, the earthiness can be overwhelming, so reach for kava blended with juice or other natural sweeteners first.

The Feelings That Come with a Kava Drink

After taking your first sip of kava, it won’t be long until you experience the feelings that come with enjoying a kava drink. Kava is a drink that can help you feel more relaxed. Just as kavalactones affect your mouth by creating a numbing sensation, they can present other effects, too.

Kavalactones interact with your brain and create a variety of sensations. Those exact sensations can vary from person to person and can be influenced by how much of a kava drink you consume. Some kava fans experience a sense of calm and relaxation. You might even feel a boost of focus and feel ready to take on the day. Many people also enjoy kava as a euphoric drink. Since it helps you feel calm, you may also notice you start to feel a sense of joy or happiness. Again, the exact feelings can vary, but when you want more positive vibes in your life, kava can help you find them!

About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics has harnessed the power of kava, along with other ancient plants, to help you rediscover your vitality, bliss, focus, and more. Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic is a productivity enhancer and alcohol alternative. It can help you feel relaxed and euphoric. It’s a versatile drink that comes in a convenient 2-ounce glass bottle. Kava has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It was first enjoyed in the South Pacific and used in ceremonies and social gatherings by many island cultures. With Botanic Tonics, you can experience the benefits of kava for yourself. All it takes is a single bottle of Feel Free Wellness Tonic to begin your kava journey. Enjoy it solo or with friends. It’s a safe, effective, non-habit-forming way to feel good and feel free!

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