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Why Is There a Giant Health Bar in the Sky and What Does it Mean for Students?

If you’re not a Redditor or a gamer, this phrase may confuse you for a bit, so let’s get it out of the way. In the old pixelated SEGA fighting games, every fighter and their opponent had a “health bar” that showed how much “life” they had until one finished off the other. And once students progressed by beating all the basic levels, you had to face a “boss level” where the mega villain made a dramatic entry, and the screen showed a giant health bar on top—depicting how much power they had compared to your mini health and ultimately, how difficult a stage was.

Redditors started a trend where people Google “why is there a giant health bar in the sky” every 31st of December around midnight. The joke is: New Year’s is a boss level and is looking pretty tough for us to handle.

So, yeah. COVID has shooed and locked us all up in our homes, and every year since 2019 has been somewhat tougher to battle with and make sense of. Thanks to vaccines and boosters, things started looking up in 2021. That was when the Omicron wave put a damper on the New Year, with cases rising at a terrifying rate.

And we’re back again to the big health bar in the sky. Nobody hates it more than the students, stuck at home managing their tasks, without getting a chance to release all that stress by hanging out with friends. So, what should you do instead? Let’s take a page out of the old gamers’ playbook and try to old-school this problem out of the way.

How to Beat the Boss Level?

Let’s discuss the three strategies to tackle 2022 as a frustrated student.

1. Learn when you’re battered down

Alright, so 2022 can be tough. But you’ve survived 2019, 2020, and 2021. Three years that pummeled you with online classes, piles of assignments, and buckets of anxiety.

At a boss level, when you lose, you also learn valuable techniques to attack and defend. And these are important. That’s because they teach you to adapt to the environment and accomplish the impossible feat of beating an enemy much tougher than you.

Think about this: what did you learn from the past three years while stuck in isolation?

The next two points will clarify this much better, so let’s get right into it.

2. Make the most of what you get

So what if you have a measly little sword in front of a giant, multi-clawed monster? There will always be gaps where you can attack, fight back, and make the most of your situation.

This epidemic has taken its toll on everyone’s mental health. So while it is a setback, you can always find ways to combat it. Make time for yourself and find solutions to problems you can’t handle. For example, if you’re a medical student with too much on your plate, you can request nursing assignment help from reliable professionals like the UK Writing Experts. Their nursing assignment writers in the UK will take charge of creating a well-crafted document while you get a well-deserved break! And don’t worry, if you belong to a different field of studies like marketing, finance, or others, you can still ask for their help and get a dedicated expert on your project.

3. Avoid life-threatening attacks

And the last bit of advice: know the enemy and protect yourself from predictable attacks. In this case, get fully vaccinated and get a booster too!

Your life is precious. And as many vaccines hate you find around you, don’t risk your health on baseless rumors. Protect yourself and your loved ones as best as you can so that the New Year doesn’t ram you with this dangerous sickness and beat you at the game. Take extreme caution when meeting people and follow the social distancing rules religiously.

Remember, the boss level comes with a big health bar. To attack and beat it right, you also need to take care of your own health bar.

So maybe the first day of 2022 had a massive health bar in the sky, but you can still battle it and make it through to the other side. Wish you the best of luck and a happy, safer new year to all of you!

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