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Why you should renovate your real estate home before selling

Because Appearances matter. When you make your home appealing to prospective buyers, you get a chance to get a higher markup on the sale of real estate. A home that is not well maintained or requires repairs can take significantly longer to sell. No wonder almost $400 billion are spent annually by Americans on renovations or remodeling every year.

The first thing people notice about a property is how it looks from the outside. As is with your personality, the first impression is the last impression. If your home is not well maintained, many buyers who look forward to staying in the home may look elsewhere. They do not want to spend on renovations as they are already spending big money buying the home. In fact, some owners who aim to sell at the earliest should consult a real estate consulting service provider who’ll guide on what renovations should be done.

What you should do to renovate your home real estate

Make small fixes to your kitchen 

Kitchens help sell houses, most real estate brokers agree. You could get a new kitchen countertop, remodel the kitchen island and even add a microwave oven and other electronics to the kitchen. You could also repaint the kitchen cabinets or change small things here and there that would look good.

Get your garden in order

What is the first thing prospective buyers see when they come to the property? How it looks on the outside. If the garden is unkempt and hasn’t been mowed for quite some time, this would be a red flag that would put off any buyer. You can get a kid to mow down your garden while also removing weeds and other imperfections. To add to this, you could also plant some flowers at the door to beautify your property.

Don’t overlook necessary repairs real estate

If you have a door that needs fixing, a little bit of leakage on a bedroom wall, or if there is a popcorn ceiling in the bathroom, you need to fix it pronto before you schedule showings of your home real estate. These small repairs go a long way in helping you get the markup you deserve for the home.

Deep clean the necessary areas

Your home should be spic and span, especially your attic, nooks, and crannies around the home and your basement. You need to make a killer first impression, right? Keeping your home clean can give a positive impression to prospective buyers who’d see themselves living in the home.

Home improvements you can DIY

real estate

It is a myth that you need a lot of time, money, and labor to get your home sale-ready. A few quick fixes that you can do yourself can help you get a better price-

Paint your home-A fresh coat of paint of the right color gives your home a larger and well-maintained look. Usually, neutral colors like white or cream can make the difference.

Increase lighting- A well-lit home can help your home look cozy and inviting. You could use a combination of ambient, accent, and task-specific lighting to make a difference.

Update cabinets- You have two options here- either paint the cabinets or replace them with new designs. The former is cheaper than the latter. Old and outdated cabinets can spoil the home’s ambiance.

Replace your blinds- Replace your outdated curtains and blinds which needed to be changed a long time ago. Blinds and curtains that block all light can make the home look smaller than ever.

The Final word

Most homes require some of the other improvements to make them sale-ready. Sometimes you need to invest in renovations to get a better price which would recoup your investments. If you want to sell your place but do not know how to do so, consult a Real Estate Consulting Firm that’ll help you prepare the property for sale. It is better to get expert help rather than DIY when it comes to big decisions like selling your home.

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