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Why You Should Use Promade Fans

A promade fan is defined as a fan made by hand from individual lashes before being applied to the actual lashes. A specialist picks up some lashes and pulls them out with tweezers for eyelash extension. Then glue the base of the lashes to complete the fan volume. To ensure the size and quality of the hand-made fans, this complex process requires the use of experienced professional technicians. In this post, we discuss the several key things about promade fans.

Features of Promade Lashes

Depending on your productivity, each of these standard fans has its strengths and weaknesses. The creation of a bromide fan requires the use of qualified professionals and a lot of time, with a consequent reduction in size and higher costs. Ready-made fans, on the other hand, are popular due to the availability of more products and lower prices. Ready-made fans, on the other hand, have to complete some advanced production steps.

In addition, the shape of the fan is determined by the hands of an expert, making it more natural than a ready-made fan. Handmade lashes spread better than finished lashes, and bromide fans are better than primal fans.

Are Promade Fans Harmful To Natural Lashes?

It is important to consider health, thickness and durability of promade lashes in order not to damage natural lashes. For example, a 3D fan is made with 0.07 eyelash extensions and an 8D fan is made with 0.05 eyelash extensions. However, it remains important to take into account the customer’s eyelashes.

You can use the promade fans when your lashes become brittle or damaged. It not only gives you the weight but also the natural finish as this base is very thin.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Pro Made Fans?

No Russian vocal training is required to work with beginners and promade fans. Doing the core workout one by one will get you started with the fans of the first big show. Placing these fans is like applying lash extensions one after the other. However, it is important to know the theory behind lash volume in order not to damage natural lashes.

If you are following traditional Russian volume training, you will need months of training to master the fan building skills. With premade fans and opponents, you can instantly create beautiful combos when you need them as you line up your sets. The work has already been completed. The ready-to-use fans are balanced.

How Long Does Promade Fans Last?

Fans and promotions don’t wrap natural lashes like you would when creating your thicker lashes. This allows professional, premade enthusiasts to maintain one lash extension at a time. The Pro-made fans are lightweight and have a good grip, and the base is very thin, so it blends well with natural lashes. The update advice is to apply from the bottom or sides of the natural lashes.

Novice fans look best on lashes. As with individual lash extensions, when applied correctly, the lashes will last 4 to 6 weeks. However, the lash cycle loses 2-3 natural lashes per day, so you need to recharge your lashes every 2-3 weeks. Hair extensions are placed on the newly arrived lashes.


Premade and promade fans use the same ingredients but have different rules with their bases. Professionally made fans are handmade and fixed with glue. This means that the technician must soak the roots with enough glue to form a stable impeller. The promade lashes also have good curls and spread naturally. To increase durability and heat resistance, thermal bonding processes are often used in the manufacture of prefabricated fans.

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