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5 diamond jewellery options under £600 GBP

Diamonds are used in almost all kinds of jewellery. because of their alluring glow and look. Any jewellery or simply a ring looks a bit incomplete without any gemstone or diamond embedded in it. Diamonds indeed increase the value of any jewellery in all aspects including value and cost. Now purchasing a jewellery ornament with high karat gold or any metal and diamonds can get a little expensive. You can manage to buy budget jewellery with diamonds if you choose lower karats of metal and lab grown diamonds UK.

5 diamond jewellery options

Consider the buying the below are 5 best-picked diamond jewellery options under £600 GBP.

1. Drop earrings

These are earrings that are a little bit longer in length but look very aesthetic due to their silver structure and pearls. The gemstone is attached to a chain or a similar object which is to be attached to your earlobe. The price of these earrings starts at 350 GBP and it depends on the metal and the diamond that you choose for the earring. If you choose gold and natural gemstones, the cost will slightly rise whereas, if you keep it silver, the cost will not rise too much. You can choose lab grown diamonds UK to keep the pricing low.

2. Pendant Necklace

Pendants are diamond attached to a chain or similar material. The chain is generally referred to as a necklace but not always. Most common necklaces have only 1 pendant or diamond attached to it but they can certainly exceed according to your choice. Pendants are not always diamonds, they can be lockets or jewels but diamonds or gemstones look richer in comparison to other pendants. There are a wide variety of diamonds from which you can choose such as princess and emerald cut. They are available in different sizes. A decent pendant necklace will averagely cost you around 400 GBP.

3. Tennis bracelet

These bracelets are a little different from normal bracelets because of the number of diamonds used in them. Tennis bracelets feature several diamonds or gems that are connected by a metal chain. This metal chain is generally made up of 14k or 18k gold or silver or platinum but you can customize it according to your budget and preference. Tennis bracelets were originally named ‘line diamond’ bracelets because of their built structure. The cost of the tennis bracelet will be based on the diamond and the metal that you use.

4.  Diamond cufflinks

A good quality diamond cufflink looks classic and contemporary. Diamond cufflinks are made up of diamonds or gemstones that are rested upon precious metal. The pricing depends upon the metal and the diamond that you choose.

5. Diamond rings

The most common jewellery. There are literally endless options for you to choose from rings. Additionally, you can customize your ring as well. The most common designs in rings are solitaire, cluster, pave, cathedral, halo, bezel, etc.

These are ring settings that you can choose for your ring. You have the option while choosing the metal and the diamond as well. In metal, you have gold, silver and their various karats and diamonds can be natural or artificial. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are a bit cheaper than natural diamond rings.

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